Local emergency personnel are trained to keep workers safe from manure pit accidents

Local emergency personnel are trained to keep workers safe from manure pit accidents

MANSFIELD – On March 20 and 21, more than 150 local first responders and agricultural community members received specialized manure pit safety and rescue training from the Crawford, Marion, Morrow and Richland County Farm Bureaus.

The training is the result of a partnership between Nationwide and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) to train first responders, farmers and agricultural professionals to help protect against manure pit incidents and traps.

On average, 60% of farm deaths that occur in confined spaces involve people who tried to rescue someone else – a family member, co-worker, or rescue worker without the proper equipment.

“It only takes seconds, or a simple mistake, for a loved one in the farming community to find themselves in a dangerous situation when working in a confined space, such as a manure pit,” said Brad Leggett, president of Nationwide Agribusiness.

“Although manure pit injuries are rare, the fatality rate when they do occur is very high. We thank NECAS for its partnership to help lead the fight against these hazards, and keep agricultural workers and their families safe.”

The training uses state-of-the-art manure pit safety simulators and covers proper rescue procedures for safely entering a manure pit in low oxygen or with the risk of toxic gases, the importance of air quality, harnessing, rope rigging, rescue tripods, and the use of a breathing apparatus during and after rescue operations.

First responders from 30 fire departments and ag communities in Crawford, Marion, Morrow and Richland counties are among the first to take the life-saving manure pit safety course from Nationwide and NECAS.

However, the two parties have cooperated for more than a decade to protect agricultural industry workers from life-threatening risks caused by trapped grain bins.

“We are grateful to the many fire departments and farmers who participated in this training. Our goal is to provide resources to keep farmers and our rescuers safe in these types of situations,” said Abra Dunn, director of organization at Ohio Farm Bureau.

Training sponsors are Farm Credit Mid-America, Centerra Co-op, Hord Family Farms, Farmer Boy Ag, The First Citizens National Bank, CSI Insurance, Douce Insurance, Gerber Insurance and Hempy Water.

To learn more or view compost pit safety resources, visit Nationwide’s Ag Insight Center.

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