Let the masked hiders show their colors

Let the masked hiders show their colors

One of the madmen of the aforementioned World Economic Forum think tank, Lorna Solis, is the founder of a New York-based “civic” organization called Blue Rose Compass, which works to settle the masses of the Third World in the Western world, openly stating, “In the Middle East, we travel to conflict zones.” in Africa and Latin America to identify young people – especially, but not exclusively, girls – who possess exceptional academic talent and leadership skills.” The purpose is to train these people, in the words of the New York madman, to be “agents of change in the world.” He even wrote in writing that “Syrian refugees today are the CEOs of 2030.”

In other words, contemporary neo-Bolshevism would openly eliminate the indigenous population of Europe. This is actually a form of genocide. Of course, the program is not new. Those interested in the fate of our culture and civilization may know the name of the hybrid Austro-Japanese Freemason, Count Richard Coudenhof-Kalergi, who published his program for European population mixing almost a hundred years ago, in 1925, under the title Practical Idealism. In one of the United Nations guidelines issued in 2000, it called for the settlement of 160 million migrants in Europe by 2050, and the global organization’s 2018 project, which aims to legalize immigration, has already called for the arrival of 250 million foreigners as desirable. In 2015, notorious speculator George Soros planned to take in a million immigrants a year and pay €15,000 per person for two years on the Internet portal Project Syndicate, which publishes the ideas of “the world’s top thinkers,” according to the braggart. Self definition.

All of this is not an exaggeration or an invention out of thin air, but rather a fact that can be found with some research. The program is old, but implementation has become more intensive. With this in mind, it is useful to look at the wars in the Third World over the past twenty years, and the waves of terrorism since September 11, 2001, through the chaos in Iraq and Syria and the so-called Arab Spring to the Arab world. The latest deterioration in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The direct root cause of these changes is different when looking at surface waves alone, and can be explained by many local characteristics, but their impact is ultimately the same: tens and hundreds of millions of people from affected areas move to Europe. This is more or less consistent with the announced program.

But who could be behind the power of a visible and discoverable wallpaper? Is it a coincidence that in September 2015, twenty-eight Masonic lodges were created on the Belgian Internet portal for human rights, which bears the common simple name and openly claims to be the mouthpiece of Freemasonry, “Open Borders”! He issued a press release titled? In it they wrote, among other things: “The inability of states to rise above national selfishness is another sign of a sick Europe, in which selfish individual interest trumps the common interest. (…) Today’s tragedy must therefore be a melting pot in which the birth of And renewing the European dream. Most of the signatories were from the major French forums, but there were also Hungarians among them.

This fact proves two things. The first is that Freemasonry is not a love story from the past, but a very real power. The other is that this force supports the floods of Europe.

But we no longer know who is responsible for these Masonic lodges. This constitutes a serious threat to normal European life, and thus to our Christian Hungarian country. Because if invisible, nameless, faceless people can shape our destiny, then any kind of sovereignty is fickle, and therefore we are not the masters of our lives.

So the question must be asked: How can companies with public influence operate secretly? After all, the Right to Association Law stipulates strict and transparent operating rules for all civil societies with the obligation to hold a public meeting, submit financial reports, and verify legality by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Has anyone ever looked at any Masonic organization’s meeting minutes, specific activities, funding background, and financial report? If not, why not? If not, how can such illegal companies operate? The question is justified because we do not know much about Freemasonry today, but what we do know – for example support for immigration – it is clear that this activity is harmful.

And the nineteenth. The second half of the twentieth century. We know about the activities of the Hungarian Freemasons in the first decades of the twentieth century, and from here the intention to destroy the more than a thousand-year-old Christian Hungarian state is clearly visible. We cannot be grateful enough to Erno Ravail for revealing the country’s devastating machinations of the time in ten meticulously documented, footnoted and referenced volumes. It is interesting that the research of the famous professor of history of unprecedented importance is surrounded by silence and silence wherever it exists. At most, the lazy person comes up with insulting clichés, but there is only denial.

There is no refutation.

Thus, in this context, it is time to reflect on the eternal Hungarian interests, the historical experiences and series of events that shape the current pattern, and the national security risks of it all. It is true that the Hungarian national government, fighting with an open helmet, has shed a ray of light on the Soros empire, which is corrupt to the core, but we must go further, by eliminating the hidden public influence of disguised bunkers.

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