Keep it secret: The cloud data storage security approach is based on quantum physics

Keep it secret: The cloud data storage security approach is based on quantum physics

Distributed cloud storage is a hot topic for security researchers around the world seeking to store data securely, and a team in China is now combining quantum physics with mature encryption and storage technologies to achieve a cost-effective cloud storage solution.

Shamir Secret Sharing, a well-known method, is a key distribution algorithm. It involves distributing private information to a group so that the “secret” can only be revealed when the majority pools their knowledge. It is common to combine quantum key distribution (QKD) with Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm for secure storage – with maximum security. But maximum security solutions tend to bring significant costs, including significant requirements for cloud storage space.

in AIP offersThe team presents its method that uses quantum random numbers as encryption keys, scatters the keys via the Charmer secret sharing algorithm, applies erasure encryption within the ciphertext, and securely transmits data over QKD-protected networks to distributed clouds.

Their method not only provides quantum security for the entire system, but also fault tolerance and efficient storage – and this may help accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies.

“We’re very excited about this,” said corresponding author Yong Zhao, Vice President of QuantumCTek Co., Ltd. Ltd, a quantum information technology company: “At its core, our solution is quantum secure and serves as a practical application of the fusion of quantum and cryptographic technologies.” “Keys generated by QKD secure user data uploads to servers and data transfers to dispersed cloud storage nodes.”

The team explored whether quantum security services could expand beyond secure data transmission to offer a richer set of quantum security applications such as data storage and processing.

They have come up with a more secure, cost-effective, and fault-tolerant cloud storage solution. “It not only achieves quantum security, but also saves storage space when compared with traditional replication methods or those based on Shamir secret sharing, which are commonly used for distributed management of sensitive data,” Zhao said.

When the team ran the solution through pilot tests ranging from encryption/decryption, key preservation, and data storage, it proved effective.

The solution is currently feasible from both technological and engineering perspectives: it meets the requirements of relevant quantum and cryptographic standards to ensure a secure storage solution capable of withstanding the challenges posed by quantum computing.

“In the future, we plan to advance the commercial implementation of this technology to provide practical services,” Zhao said. “We will explore different usage models in multi-user scenarios, and also consider integrating more quantum technologies, such as quantum secret sharing, into cloud storage.”

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