Josh Weinstein’s son, Jett, reaches an incredible milestone after a tragic car accident

Josh Weinstein’s son, Jett, reaches an incredible milestone after a tragic car accident


  • Jett Weinstein, the son of 90 Day star Josh, survived a devastating car accident and is showing his warrior spirit in his recovery journey.
  • Josh shared updates on Jett’s progress via Instagram, with Jett now off a ventilator and moving into rehab soon.
  • Despite losing his leg in the accident, Jett remains determined to continue his love of the sport, and aims to return to snowboarding in 2025.

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90 Days: The Single Life Josh Weinstein’s son, Jett, reveals how he is now after the accident that changed his life. Josh is currently starring in Season 4 with Natalie Mordovtseva and their relationship can best be described as complicated. Josh and Natalie met during a modeling workshop his company organized in Florida three years ago. Natalie chose Josh as her partner after Mike Youngquist and moved to Los Angeles to start her new life. However, Josh couldn’t bring himself to commit to Natalie who wanted a child with him. Natalie eventually broke up with Josh.

90 day fiance
Star Josh suffered a fatal blow on the family front when his son Jeet was involved in a devastating car accident.

Josh He now gives an update on his son’s recovery journey via his Instagram account.

Josh shared a photo of a group of schoolchildren standing outside the school building. Jett was one of the children. He was in a wheelchair at the front of the group. Josh wrote that it was Jett’s first day at school. “My man is a warriorexclaimed Jeet’s proud father while tagging his son in the story.


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Jett Weinstein car accident explained

Jeet’s friend, Josh’s son, died in a car accident

On February 5, 2024, Josh revealed on Instagram the devastating news of his son’s accident. Josh was asking his fans for prayers while sharing photos of Jeet in the post. It was revealed that Jeet was in a car accident and was airlifted. According to Josh, Jett has already lost his battle with his right leg He was now fighting for his life. Josh was absolutely devastated as he reached out to his fans and cast members to send positive thoughts and kind words. Josh shared a fundraising link to raise money for Jett’s treatment.

the GoFundMe It received $34,158 raised of its $50,000 goal. Josh revealed that Jett finally woke up and came off the ventilator on February 8, 2024. Doctors placed a rod in Jett’s left femur. He had many stitches and staples, but Josh was proud of his son for showing his warrior spirit. Jett was allowed to move to a rehabilitation center within a week. There was a possibility of that With an entire guardrail attached to his body, Jett could have lost his legsAnd not allowing him to get up after the collision.

jet passenger, Jackson Elliott was killed in the crash. It was later revealed that Jett was returning home from snowboarding with Jackson when the car hit the guardrail. The guardrail collided with the car, killing Jett’s friend instantly. Jett himself had a five percent chance of survival. the 90 Days: The Single Life The star’s son used to play football in school. Even though he lost his leg, Jett never gave up his love for the sport. Jett will return to snowboarding in 2025.

90 Days: The Single Life

It airs Mondays at 8pm EST on TLC.

source: Josh Weinstein/Instagram, Josh Weinstein/Instagram, GoFundMe

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90 Days: The Single Life

90 Days: The Single Life It is one of TLC’s many spin-offs 90 day fiance. In this companion show, single people are pulled back into the world of dating after their previous relationships ended in disaster. Single life It follows couples as they begin relationships with new people but struggle to completely get over previous romantic partners.

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February 21, 2021


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