Jenna Bush Hager “destroyed” her car in a huge car accident

Jenna Bush Hager “destroyed” her car in a huge car accident

Jenna Bush Hager She was involved in a serious car accident that destroyed her car. The former first daughter revealed that the accident occurred because she did not notice the black ice in her driveway.

She also shared that she had been involved in previous accidents, which were minor, and happened around the time she was starting to learn how to drive.

The accident completely destroyed Jenna Bush Hager’s car


Hajar revealed, in Thursday’s episode of the “Today with Hoda and Gina” program, that she was involved in an accident that led to her car being completely destroyed.

“I had a complete wreck in my driveway recently. The car was completely destroyed. A total loss,” Hager said on the show.

Hajar did not withhold details about the cause, and said that the accident occurred because the ground in her driveway was “icy.” This can be more appropriately described as black ice, a term used to define patchy ice on roads that cannot be easily seen.

Hager also stated that her birth in Dallas, Texas, typically known for its mild winters and hot, humid summers, made her unaccustomed to dealing with black ice.

The mother-of-three continued: “I’d never heard of black ice. I didn’t know what would happen. I hit it. I was going too fast too, and I hit a tree, that’s all.” .

Fortunately for Hajar, the accident did not result in any injuries, although the car was damaged.

Jenna Bush Hager said she had been involved in several previous incidents

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb


Along with revealing the recent incident, Hager also shared that she has been in quite a few car accidents in the past, which sometimes involved her sister Barbara.

These accidents, which occurred around the time she was learning to drive, were due to her lack of caution and reckless behavior behind the wheel.

The first said: “In my first year of driving, I had a little bit of impulse control issues and, you know, my brain developed a little bit after that, so I would just put it on, get in the car and speed back and never look back.” Girl.

“Barbara and I — and I’m not 100 percent sure that’s the perfect number — but I’m pretty sure we’ve had 13 accidents together,” she added.

However, unlike her recent accident, these previous incidents were “minor fender bends” and often did not require her to be sent to the auto shop for any repairs.

Jenna Bush Hager discusses the new trend affecting kids on social media

Hajar’s revelation comes on the heels of her revelation in the latest episode that her eldest daughter, Mila, has become “obsessed” with skincare products.

She believes this trend is influenced by kids using TikTok, although she explained that her kids don’t have the app on their phones.

“My daughter Mila told me she went to Target yesterday with a friend. She said, ‘Look what I bought. This little Aquaphor, how cute is this,'” Hager said at the time, adding, “I just thought, ‘Where are we?’

When Mila noticed Hajar’s lack of enthusiasm for the purchase, she asked why. In response, the mother of three explained that she is more inclined towards appreciating natural beauty.

Hajar continued: “I tell her: Mila, because you don’t need her. Look at your beautiful skin. You don’t need her.”

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