Jamie Lynn Spears on the “miraculous anniversary” of her daughter’s accident

Jamie Lynn Spears on the “miraculous anniversary” of her daughter’s accident

Publication date: February 7, 2024

Photo from Jamie Lynn Spears’ Instagram

Jamie Lynn Spears celebrates the ‘miraculous anniversary’ of her daughter’s death

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jamie Lynn Spears took to Instagram on Monday to share what she’s calling a “miracle anniversary,” referring to her daughter’s ATV crash seven years ago that nearly took her life.

“Today is #MiracleAnniversary 🕊️ Every year that goes by and I watch my daughter grow, the more I realize how incredibly lucky we are, and we never want to take that for granted,” Spears wrote. “Again, thank you to all the healthcare professionals who made life-saving decisions, and thank you to everyone who prayed for our little girl. I am thinking of Father Mark today, even though he is in heaven now, he has always been like an angel on earth to us, especially in This day 7 years ago.

With the caption, Spears shared several photos from the hospital during that time, including a photo of herself hugging her daughter in a hospital bed.

“I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Maddie. She is truly a miracle!” one user commented.

“Our living and breathing miracle Maddie!!!! This day is forever etched in our minds! Thank God for our sweet and beautiful miracle!!!!” another user said.


“In February 2017, Maddie crashed her Polaris ATV into a pond at her stepfather Jimmy Watson’s family home in Louisiana, according to a statement issued by Sheriff Daniel Edwards at the time. USAToday reported on the accident that the then-8-year-old was driving the iconic vehicle. For off-road use to avoid running over a drainage ditch.

Spears previously detailed her painful experience in her memoir, “Things I Should Have Said.”

“The first responder got into the water once the vehicle was pulled from the pond. He lifted Maddie and placed her next to me. She was unconscious, her body was swollen, and her face was swollen and frighteningly blue. The EMT started CPR. Nothing was working… Without words, the EMTs grabbed her lifeless body, turned her over and began beating her back. I knew what I had just witnessed. “My daughter’s body is lifeless,” she said.

The Spears family had a priest come to pray for Maddie at the hospital, and the next day things started to look up for the better.

“…Maddy was still not responding to the manual pain and reflexology assessments. I looked up and my eyes widened when I saw the wide-eyed expression on Jimmy (Watson’s) face. He was looking into Maddy’s open eyes. She painstakingly raised her finger with the pulse oximeter on it, and flashed the red light The little one turned to Jamie. He smiled and said, “E.T., call home.” She held up her finger for a moment longer and said it again. “E.T., phone home.” “At that moment I knew she was definitely coming back to us,” Spears wrote.

“The hardest chapter to write and read is the one about the accident,” she said. “It’s a great ending, but you can’t stop yourself, every time you read it, from coming back to that ending… It’s still hard to even talk about.”

Spears said the experience helped her find faith. Movieguide® reported:

ZOEY 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears spoke about how one of her scariest moments as a mother led her to faith.

“I almost lost my oldest daughter… She drowned, and we couldn’t save her,” Spears said on an episode of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, per Everyone.

“They airlifted her out. She was hooked up to life support, ventilators and all that… They come in, (bring) a priest to read her last rites, and when they did that, her body physically sat up,” Spears recalled.

“For whatever reason, her spirit responded to her. She got better day by day and was released from the hospital. (She) had no repercussions. That’s when she became a Catholic. For about five minutes I thought I had lost my daughter, and then I had the miracle of getting her back,” she said. .

She previously told PEOPLE how the incident changed her perspective on life.

“You have so much gratitude,” Spears explained. “That was a miracle. That should be heard. There are so many dark things in this world today, and I think publishing something like this, which is so wonderful, is something that should be shared.”

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Movieguide® is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

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