Jacksonville’s fight for safer roads

Jacksonville’s fight for safer roads

Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida, as well as the most dangerous for motorcyclists.

Every day, the streets of Jacksonville are filled with cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses, each rushing to its destination. However, this constant movement comes at a cost – the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. Accidents, often caused by negligence, have become very common in the city.

After an accident, many do not know what to do or who to talk to. This is where personal injury lawyers come in.

Problem: Dangerous roads in Jacksonville

According to Forbes, Jacksonville ranks among the top 10 cities in the United States for motorcycle accident deaths in 2021 (4.42). Duval County, which shares the same border with Jacksonville, records more than 2,500 commercial vehicle crashes annually, according to a Crash Facts report. These collisions involve motor vehicles, such as a bus, delivery truck or semi-truck, which are protected under federal motor carrier laws.

Which is equally risky in terms of car accidents. According to Florida’s Crash Dashboard, Duval County was involved in 24,436 traffic accidents. These traffic accidents were divided into 268 bicycle accidents, 447 motorcycle accidents, and 492 pedestrian accidents.

For its population size, Jacksonville has far more accidents than it should. Jacksonville is home to 4.4% of Florida’s population, but 6.1% of the state’s traffic accidents that year occurred there, according to Crash Dashboard.

Heroes: Who fights for safety?

Improving Jacksonville’s road safety takes an effort from everyone. This includes following traffic laws, increasing awareness while driving or walking, and supporting changes that make roads safer. Lawyers play a big role in this process as well. These attorneys work hard to ensure that those who are harmed by someone else’s negligence get the help they need, and to hold negligent parties accountable. They are also pushing for policy changes to make roads safer for everyone.

Personal injury attorneys may bring a powerful combination of decades of experience and passion to the table as they fight on behalf of clients who have been seriously injured or lost loved ones. They carefully assess your damages, go to court as needed, and get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Know Your Rights: Personal Injury Claims


In the event of an accident, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into the details of your case. However, you can also strengthen your case by taking specific steps immediately after an accident, provided you can do so safely and without worsening your injuries.

According to Quinn Edwards, a Florida personal injury law firm, first call 911 and get examined by paramedics to assess whether you need hospital care. Provide a detailed explanation of the incident to law enforcement officials, who will prepare a report. This will be your strong guide.

If possible, take photos of damage to the vehicles involved, visible injuries, and even note the presence of surveillance cameras. You can also talk to witnesses to understand their point of view and how to reach them later.

Visit your doctor for a comprehensive examination to document all infections, including those that may appear later.

Finally, consult your attorney immediately to ensure you gather all the necessary evidence and witness testimony to strengthen your claim and maximize your settlement, especially when a major injury is involved.

Remember, Florida’s statute of limitations for filing a car accident injury claim is two years from the date of the accident. You shouldn’t have to wait years to file. Evidence may be harder to find the longer you delay.

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