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Illusions & Accessories LLC – Delta Business Magazine

Computer service, security equipment and much more

Written by Catherine Kirk

Over the past 25 years, Illusions and Accessories LLC in Greenwood has evolved into a company that not only handles personal home computers, but also manages numerous business networks.

Although located in the Delta region, Illusions and Accessories LLC is licensed for installations in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

Shannon Storms, owner of Illusions and Accessories LLC, says he has held a range of certifications and business licenses from certified resellers from 1999 to 2024, such as: Certified in Security Management (CPP); UEWA Certified — Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin; UBWA Certified — Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin; Cisco Meraki Certified Network Operator: Grandstream Network Specialist; – Certified Access Control Installer; And Panduit Cables and Optical Fibers.

Over the past few years, Storms has had the opportunity to be a presenting trainer hosting one of the largest networking equipment providers – Cisco – for hardware training webinars for hospitality and education attendees on several occasions.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneur’s mindset and wanted to succeed in business since high school,” Storms says. “I started selling and installing automotive neon lights and aftermarket accessories purchased from dealers to my friends starting in the 11th grade.”

In 1992, Storms joined one of the major neon lighting manufacturers in the USA called Streetglow, Inc.

From there, he created an online shopping store,, with more than 200 products to ship nationwide. He contracted with a purchasing dealer in the Netherlands for Streetglow, Inc. He distributed inventory to international stores for two years for Streetglow, Inc.

For ten years, Storms has participated in auto show events with numerous demo vehicles and vendor trade show events with a vendor booth selling neon lighting and aftermarket accessories.

“I took electronics and business courses in college and changed my business path more to technology,” he says.

In 1994, Storms began developing and building websites, and repairing and building personal home computers.

“It started to establish the name and word of mouth more as the years went by,” he says. “Many businesses are starting to require a company to take over and manage their networks and computers. I started the business name Illusions and Accessories LLC in 1999 to identify the option of working in corporate and retail locations.

Consequently, the company’s website and marketing were changed to

“Word of mouth has spread and we now have extensive experience working in several types of industries ranging from factories, school districts, private schools, healthcare offices, hospitals, restaurants, hospitality facilities and senior care facilities,” says Storms.

In 2017, Storms says it opened an LLC division called Eyes in the Sky Surveillance to be able to handle additional corporate clients with specific contracts and requirements.

For the past 30 years, Storms has worked as a technical director for educational institutions, a master computer technician, a network repair technician, a cable technician, and an installer of security camera systems and access control security installations.

“We joined an international hospitality wireless guest service company in 2003 and remain with them today as a proven hospitality provider of premium Guest WiFi,” says Storms. “The branded hotels, resorts, condos and property chains represented are InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Choice Brand locations, and Best Western Hotel Brand (BWH), to name a few. All major hotel brands and private independent groups are included. Our company has completed the installation of 117 hotel properties to date in four states.

Illusions and Accessories LLC is based and operated out of an office and stock location in Greenwood, with a small team of certified installers.

Although they do not have direct customer locations, they travel to customer sites and locations daily.

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