I lost half my hand in an accident with a power tool – which is why I rarely use my $12,000 prosthetic

I lost half my hand in an accident with a power tool – which is why I rarely use my $12,000 prosthetic

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A man who lost three of his fingers in a freak accident got a helping hand.

Leo Goodall, a 44-year-old chef from Great Hill, Lincolnshire, England, spent his savings of $12,603 ​​on a prosthetic after losing one in a power tool accident three years ago while chopping wood.

Goodall said he was using an electric table saw when he accidentally bumped his left hand into the blade.

“I looked down and my hand was just gone,” Goodall told Jam Press.

“People always ask me if it hurts, and they’re always surprised when I say no. I didn’t even feel it happening,” he added.

He said he then shouted for his partner, Ellie, 40, who was in their home at the time of the accident.

“She walked in and saw me standing there holding my wrist, half my hand missing, blood dripping everywhere,” he explained.

Ellie called for help and paramedics got there in just seven minutes.

Goodall said he was in shock at first and then in no pain, but when paramedics arrived the “adrenaline wore off” and the first wave of pain hit him.

A man who lost three of his fingers spent about $12,000 to buy a fixed prosthetic hand. Jam Press Vid/@thesevenfingeredchef

He explained: “Fortunately, the paramedic gave me morphine to comfort me.”

He was taken to Royal Derby Hospital for surgery.

“They did a surgery for, I think, seven hours, and then they reattached my hand,” he said of the ordeal.

“Unfortunately, it was badly damaged and had to be removed again a few days later.”

Over the course of two weeks, he had three more surgeries plus skin grafts to repair his hand, but it took four months for his wound to heal and a year for his skin to return to normal.

Goodall accidentally cut his fingers while using a saw to cut wood. Jam Press/@thesevenfingeredchef

He then began his search for prosthetic fingers and settled on something “purely aesthetic” so he could feel confident at his wedding to his current wife, Ellie.

He said: “In addition to the cost of the prosthetic limb, I think the injury cost me personally about $50,000.” He cited medical costs and lost profits.

Goodall said the injury had taken a toll on his mental health but said he felt lucky to use his right hand.

He said the fake fingers are purely aesthetic, but he was able to wear them to his wedding. Jam Press/@thesevenfingeredchef

“I’ve adapted well to everyday life, and I’m still able to do 99% of the things I did before,” he said. “It’s amazing how the body can adapt after an accident like this.”

However, the early days of his injury remain a challenge.

He said: “In the first days, I did not want to leave the house. The injury greatly affected my confidence and self-esteem.”

He continued: “I had to take a long break from work, and without any earnings, I also had to remortgage my house and spend my life savings.”

He wore the fake fingers to his wedding to his current wife, Ellie. Fortunately, she was able to seek help after her husband’s accident. Jam Press/@thesevenfingeredchef

Despite losing his fingers, he said he still experiences “phantom pain” and “itchy thumbs,” something amputees sometimes experience.

His prosthetic limb has given him a sense of normalcy, even though he rarely wears it.

“Because of the cost of the prosthesis, I honestly barely use it so I can prolong its life as long as possible,” he said.

Goodall said he’s lucky to be right-handed and still able to work as a chef. Jam Press/@thesevenfingeredchef

“I was told when I first bought it (that) if I wore it every day, through normal wear and tear it could only last a few years before it started to look worn out and need to be replaced,” he added.

However, he did wear the silicone hand to his wedding and occasionally shows it off in videos on his TikTok page where he introduces @TheSevenFingeredChef.

One video detailing the ordeal has garnered nearly 3 million views since it was posted in January.

Goodale has a sense of humor about the incident and goes by Thisvenfingeredchef on TikTok. Jam Press Vid/@thesevenfingeredchef
It is suspected that his injury cost him more than $50,000. Jam Press/@thesevenfingeredchef

“Why did you spend ($12,603) on a piece of plastic?” He captioned the video.

In the comments section of his video, Goodall described the prosthetic as “a big, expensive block of silicone that doesn’t move,” noting that the robotic hand would have cost him upwards of $44,000.

“At least you can still turn someone on,” one viewer joked.

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