How to Start a Massachusetts LLC in 2023

How to Start a Massachusetts LLC in 2023

Forming a Massachusetts LLC is quick, easy, and relatively affordable for the benefits it provides. If you’re ready to learn more about how to create an LLC in Massachusetts, let’s get started.

Step 1: Name your Massachusetts LLC

Massachusetts will not allow businesses to operate if their names reflect or are too similar to those already protected by the state. To prevent this, you will need to search your state’s business name database to see if the desired name for your company has already been taken, or if another business has a “deceptively similar” name. You also want to make sure your potential name is not being used as a trademark by another company.

Otherwise, the only rule for a new Massachusetts LLC name is that it must include either the phrase “limited liability company” or an acceptable abbreviation: LLC, LC, LLC, or LC if you are a licensed professional, such as an attorney, certified public accountant (CPA), or Doctor or other regulated profession, you can create a “professional limited liability company” or PLLC. (The PLLC name must contain the corresponding phrase or abbreviation.)

If you want to make sure no one else gets the name you’ve chosen, you can reserve it while you learn how to start an LLC in Massachusetts and complete the LLC registration process. The cost to reserve is $30 and is valid for 60 days.

Inside scoop: This is a great time to make sure you have the right website domain name for your business as well. Search available domains and reserve an address using a service like GoDaddy. You may want to choose a website address that is more user-friendly and easier to type or remember than your actual name; For example, “” is the website of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Step Two: Appoint a registered agent

When considering how to create an LLC in Massachusetts, you must select an individual or company to serve as the registered agent for your company. Your registered agent agrees to receive all official state correspondence and legal documents submitted by any individual or entity.

You can designate a state resident individual or corporation licensed to do business in Massachusetts. If you wish, you may elect yourself or another member of your LLC to serve as the company’s registered agent. However, this may cause a delay in receiving important communications if you are far from your work address.

The simple solution is to use a registered agent service. These services are designed to handle formal notices and any legal service for you so you can spend your time growing your business rather than tracking receipt dates and response deadlines.

Inside scoop: Many registered agent services will allow you to use their address as your official business address in the Commonwealth. This can solve the problem of how to create an LLC in Massachusetts if your principal residence is outside the state and you plan to do business in Massachusetts, but do not maintain a physical office location within it.

Third Step: Submit your organization certificate

Arguably the most important step to learning how to start an LLC in Massachusetts is to file an organizational form for your company with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Corporations. Upon receipt and approval of this form, your LLC will be licensed to do business in the State of Massachusetts.

You can either fill out the form and submit it electronically for online filing or print and mail it. The application fee is $500.

This document records basic information about your new Massachusetts LLC, including:

  • LLC name, and Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN), if available
  • The name and address of each director (or if there is no person authorized to execute documents on behalf of the LLC)
  • The name and address of its registered agent
  • Her business address is in the Commonwealth
  • Statement of the “general character” of the work

Inside scoop: Because Massachusetts is a commonwealth and not a state, the position commonly referred to as “Secretary of State” elsewhere is officially known as “Secretary of the Commonwealth.”

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