How roaring Formula 1 engines inspire a music revolution

How roaring Formula 1 engines inspire a music revolution

    The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix event will feature a mix of music and motorsport, with artists such as, J Balvin and Kylie Minogue performing at various events. 
</p><div><div class="c-ad c-ad-halfpage u-show-for-small-only"><div class="c-ad__placeholder"><img class="c-ad__placeholder__logo" src="" width="180" height="22" alt="" loading="lazy"/><span>advertisement</span></div></div><p>Beyond the engineering, athleticism, speed and luxury, fans love the sound of it <strong>Formula One</strong>.

The ferocious rhythms of the turbocharged V6 hybrid engine; Viscous intermittent for quick downshifts; Exciting and loud zoom. There is a real musical appreciation for elite motorsport. Engines are described using RPM, in the same way as vinyl records.

It’s no wonder Formula 1 has long been a source of enthusiasm for musicians and music fans for decades – the Beatles George Harrison wrote “Hurry” about the sport, which he called “loud rock ‘n’ roll.” The same spirit that inspired the registration of Mario Andretti’s name A Tribe Called SearchAwards Tour.

But in the past few years, accelerating interest in Formula 1, especially among young people and Americans, has made its influence on the music world – and vice versa – impossible to ignore.

When Formula 1 hits the music

There’s Bad Bunny’s “Monaco” and Karen Leone’s “Por La Familia,” both of which feature Red Bull driver Sergio “Chico” Perez in their videos. Rising indie band Twang on Wednesday released a song titled “Formula One” on their 2023 album.

Musicians’ love of Formula 1 isn’t limited to any genre or country – its appeal is as universal as the sport itself.

A prime example is this week’s inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will see Formula 1 drivers zipping along the track, bathed in the electric glow of the lavish casinos.

Music will blend with motorsport at a myriad of events, including an opening ceremony with, J Balvin, Tiësto, John Legend, Keith Urban, Kylie Minogue, Thirty Seconds to Mars and more.

International Artist in Residence

This year, rapper and record producer became the first global artist in residence at Formula 1 – a series of musical collaborations celebrating the sport as well as a chance to bring the musical side of Formula 1 to a global audience – and not just ticket holders fortunately enough. To see it live.

The role led the Black Eyed Peas member to release his first single in over a decade: “The Formula,” featuring Lil Wayne. This was followed by “Let’s Go”, another Formula 1-inspired song, featuring J Balvin. has been a huge fan of Formula 1 racing since the Peas performed at the first ever Singapore Grand Prix held at the Marina Bay Circuit in 2008.

Since then, he has noticed a disconnect between the live music and entertainment experiences at Formula 1 racing and what is broadcast on television (i.e. just the race itself) – as well as a loss of opportunities for artists.

“Why don’t people release music while they’re playing their F1 event?” he asks, comparing it to the Super Bowl — for which artists often release new music before their (televised) halftime shows. “Artists-in-residence can really help bridge that gap.”

Tiësto, a lifelong Formula 1 fan, released the album “Drive” in April, which features an F1 racing helmet on the cover. “It’s not just about the car and the race, it’s about the environment and the excitement around it,” he says of the race weekend. “There’s an organic connection there.”

He believes the experience of going to a Grand Prix reflects the growing interest in the sport, especially in the United States and among young people.

“They want to see the race, you know, but they want to celebrate. They want to have a drink. It’s the perfect moment to create a festival.”

Formula One drivers enter the music scene

Formula One drivers have also ventured into the music business.

Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc signed with music management company Verdigris earlier this year and has been releasing music tracks. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to the music industry, having appeared on Christina Aguilera’s 2018 song “Pipe” under the alias XNDA.


Chloe Stroll, sister of Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll, has built a budding pop music career celebrated by sports fans.

“What made me love this sport was the music. “I went into the sport playing music,” says.

“I’ve always loved cars, but why do I love Formula 1 and not the Indy (500)?” Asked. “What is it about Formula 1 that makes me love this sport? That’s their fingertips in this cultural embrace,” he said, referring to Formula 1’s embrace of fashion, music and art.

Thursday night, producer Mark Ronson will perform in the T-Mobile area of ​​The Sphere between two race practice sessions. The mastermind behind Barbie The soundtrack already knows that there is a huge crossover between audiophiles and Formula 1 fans.

“We will now meet a variety of Formula 1 and Barbie fans,” he joked.


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