How Michael Schumacher’s tragic accident sparked change in brother Ralph after ‘life’s not fair’ comments.

How Michael Schumacher’s tragic accident sparked change in brother Ralph after ‘life’s not fair’ comments.

Ralf Schumacher recently said “life is not fair” when discussing the condition of his ill-fated brother Michael.

Michael Schumacher went skiing in the French Alps in 2013 on what was supposed to be a lovely family holiday.

However, life has never been the same for the Schumacher family in the years since the Formula 1 icon suffered serious head injuries – after going off the track.

The Formula One legend was actually lucky to survive. If he had not been wearing a helmet, he likely would have died at the scene.

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Michael Schumacher’s condition remains unknown as Formula 1 fans yearn for positive updates


He has continued to fight in the decade since. Although his wife Corinna said he was “different,” the family kept updates few and far between in order to protect his privacy.

Naturally, fans are eager to know what condition their hero is in.

Schumacher is considered one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time, having won seven titles during his time in the sport.

But he was a role model off the track too, with many admiring the way he conducted himself and managed to avoid any major scandals.

It is truly heartbreaking to know that Schumacher still lives a sheltered life, away from the glare of the spotlight and the media.

He recently told his brother Ralph Ponte that the family has learned to cope.

“Sometimes life isn’t fair, unfortunately. We have to accept that,” Ralph said.

“When I see his children (Michael), Gina Maria and Mick, my heart smiles.

“If anyone in the family asks for my advice, I’m there. They’re making their own way.”

Ralph is six years younger than his brother.

He was reckless at times during his time in Formula 1, driving with an aggression that matched his desire to win.

But the injuries his brother suffered changed him. According to Johnny Herbert, he is “very different now”.

Speaking in September, Herbert said: “When Ralf Schumacher was with Sky Germany we met often.

“Ralph had to do a lot of things for and with the family given what happened to Michael.

“He has matured. He is completely different now to the person he was as a driver.

“He’s a good human being now. He’s changed a lot after having to cope with the ongoing situation with his brother.”

Thus, the traumatic accident that Schumacher suffered changed his brother.

But fans should take solace that Ralph has stepped up and helped the family deal with the trauma.

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Ralf Schumacher showed his superiority by supporting the family after Michael Schumacher’s accident


Not every family can handle such devastation.

However, Ralph showed his true colors by being there and stepping up to the plate.

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