HBCUPASS and Mic Larry Entertainment LLC launch HBCU PASS Live

HBCUPASS and Mic Larry Entertainment LLC launch HBCU PASS Live

HBCU PASS has teamed up with Mic Larry Entertainment LLC, best known as the “Voice of Rucker Park,” to present “HBCUPASS LIVE.”

HBCU Pass She joined the forces With Mic Larry Entertainment LLC, better known as the “Voice of Rucker Park,” to present “HBCU PASS LIVE.” According to a press release obtained by HBCU Pulse, the show will feature play-by-play commentary in the style of New York City streetball and aims to breathe new life into HBCU basketball games while engaging fans like never before.

HBCUPASS, powered by Fresh Media Group, is a community platform dedicated to uniting people, moving HBCU culture forward in a positive light, and celebrating the excellence and accomplishments of HBCUs.

Mic Larry Entertainment LLC (Mic Larry), better known as the Voice of Rucker Park, is an enthusiastic sports commentator known for his energetic and insightful sports analysis. With a deep love for HBCUs and a vibrant on-air presence, Mic Larry Entertainment LLC brings a fresh perspective to the world of HBCU basketball. Mic Larry Entertainment LLC has previously worked as a presenter for ESPN, NYC events, TBT, Elite 24, and more.

HBCUPASS LIVE will exclusively highlight the Norfolk State University men’s basketball program in its first season. Through various social media platforms, fans will have the privilege of following the game, enjoying exclusive interviews, and actively participating through communication and participating in the conversation.

“We’re taking HBCU basketball to a whole new level. Mic Larry’s energy and passion for the game are contagious, and together we will create an unforgettable basketball experience for fans,” Melvin Brown Jr., founder and creative director of HBCU PASS LIVE, said in the release.

The show will be hosted by Mick Leary, who is celebrated for his exciting live play-by-play commentary, bringing the thrill and excitement of every 3-pointer and game-changing moment at HBCU basketball games. Fans can tune in exclusively on Twitter/X to join the conversation, gain insights, share their thoughts in real time, and connect with fellow HBCU enthusiasts.

Mic Larry said of the show, “I’m thrilled to be a part of HBCUPASS Live and bring the excitement of New York City streetball style commentary to HBCU basketball. Get ready for a season like no other!”

HBCUPASS LIVE, with Mic Larry, will premiere in conjunction with the competitive basketball game between Norfolk State and Hampton on November 13.

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