Haas has ‘clear evidence’ of F1 US GP track limits violations

Haas has ‘clear evidence’ of F1 US GP track limits violations

Haas studied on-board videos, including footage from following cars, and the team believes Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant all committed multiple offenses at Turn 6 and were not penalized.

The review request will be considered by the event’s original FIA stewards in an online meeting on Wednesday.

Their first task will be to determine whether or not Haas’ application will meet all the requirements, particularly with regard to introducing a “significant and relevant new element” that was not previously available.

If they agree that the request is valid, they will consider that evidence and make a ruling.

“It’s just a review,” Steiner told Motorsport.com. “There is a regulation in place. I mean, in the end, if the monitors don’t have the information, obviously they won’t be able to take any action. I completely understand that.”

He continued: “But there is information, and we will now see what the FIA ​​will do, once they have the information. I think they need to take action, because otherwise we will set the rules and then not do anything about it. This is my opinion.”

“Well, I fully respect that if they haven’t seen the photos, how can they judge that for sure? But now we have clear evidence of that.

“We just want to raise this issue, otherwise we will need to change the rules. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of track limits.

“I am the last person who wants to impose penalties on track limits. But if there is a rule in place, then as a sport we need to respect the rules, it is more of a principle than a penalty.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas Formula 1 Team

Photography: Simon Galloway/Motorsport Images

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas Formula 1 Team

All four drivers named in the review application finished ahead of Haas’ Nico Hulkenberg and, in the case of Albon and Sargeant, by just a few seconds.

However, Steiner downplayed any potential impact on the results.

He said: “I don’t think the penalty kick will make a difference for us where we are at the moment.”

“But in the end, we just need to follow the rules, sometimes we can’t enforce the rule, sometimes we don’t. It’s not by choice, the rule is there, if you need to change the rule, let’s discuss it, if you need to change the track boundaries, discuss it.

“But not if it says four times you get five seconds and any (violations) you get another five seconds, then that’s what we should do. Like we did before. It doesn’t mean we’re inventing something new.”

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He added: “We will file the case if we can file it because they should hear it, because there is new evidence. So we will file the case when we get it.”

Other teams questioned track boundary abuse at turn six after the race.

The FIA’s view, repeated at a meeting at the following race in Mexico, was that CCTV did not provide a clear enough view to make accurate assessments. However, some crimes were flagged on that corner that day.

The FIA ​​has already agreed to implement a better system for next year’s race at Turn 6 of Cota.

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