Georgia residents are concerned about student safety on the road

Georgia residents are concerned about student safety on the road

KATHLEEN, Ga. — Getting your kids to school shouldn’t be a problem, but neighbors in Kathleen are concerned about teens having to run across a busy street to get to class safely.

They say it drives them crazy!

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At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, Rebecca Eshelman reached out to 13WMAZ, frustrated with her granddaughters crossing the busy intersection in front of Veterans High School.

Since then, at least two incidents have occurred.

“It’s kind of become a nightmare,” John Snipes said.

On Thursday, January 18, Larica Clark’s 17-year-old son was involved in an accident that completely destroyed his new car.

She said it was given to him by his parents after Thanksgiving last year, and it was his birthday two days before the accident occurred in front of the school.

“He was hit by a GMC truck, and he was driving a Honda Civic,” Clark recalled. “His car didn’t handle well, but it did its job. It protected my child.”

Less than a week later, on Monday, Snipes was involved in a wreck in the same place where Clark’s son was.

He said he has lived in his home in Kathleen for decades.

He said that a few days before the accident, he paid for his new truck.

Fortunately, he was not injured, he recalled.

But he said his truck will take about five months to repair.

Rebekah Eshelman is still upset that her granddaughters dodge traffic to get to school.

“When it’s cold like this in the morning, their mother takes them to school,” the newlywed Eshleman said.

Eshleman said they usually walk or run quickly across Old Perry Road to get to school in one piece and on time.

Their mother stays with them on the phone until they reach the other side of the road, Eshleman said.

“She does it every afternoon and every morning,” she said. “Every day. School days.”

“Kids have to walk to school; not everyone is lucky enough to be able to drive,” Clark said.

She continued: “The car protects my son, but a walker, they have nothing to protect them.” “They’re carrying their bookbags, maybe their music is playing, and they’re just kids walking across the street to get to school. If they get hit, there’s nothing to protect them.”

Not only were the two incidents within days of each other, but as soon as 13WMAZ arrived, two cars drove past a parked school bus carrying Eshelman’s younger grandchildren.

“People who were coming this way ignored the bus stop sign, and a couple of them were running it,” Eshleman said. “My daughter honks the horn for them to stop, and they keep passing.”

“There are no patrols, no control here to stop this!” exclaimed the concerned grandmother.

“There have been many incidents,” Snipes said. “It’s a clear sign that something needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt.”

“We should not wait for one of our children to be seriously injured, or for one of our neighbors to be seriously injured,” Clark said. “We shouldn’t wait until they can make changes.”

Neighbors want to do something, whether installing flashing lights, hiring a crossing guard, or something else that will slow down the school zone.

Last time, we learned that Houston County Public Works is responsible for overseeing school zones, pedestrian crossings and local street traffic in Kathleen.

They sent engineers the day after our first story but declined to comment when 13WMAZ reached out to them about whether or not they planned to work.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office also did not respond to 13WMAZ’s request for traffic reports issued at the intersection, which were also requested Tuesday.

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Drives me crazy

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