Fund 1 Investments, LLC boosts its stake in Tile Shop Holdings Inc

Fund 1 Investments, LLC boosts its stake in Tile Shop Holdings Inc

On November 6, 2023, Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Trades, Portfolio), a prominent investment firm, has significantly increased its holdings in Tile Shop Holdings Inc (TTSH, Financial). This article provides an in-depth analysis of the deal, profiles of the parties involved, and potential implications for value investors.

Details of the transaction

Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Trades, Portfolio) added 253,389 shares of Tile Shop Holdings Inc to its portfolio, bringing its total holdings to 4,708,936 shares. The deal, executed at a price of $5.22 per share, had a 0.54% impact on the company’s portfolio. After the deal, Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Trades, Portfolio) now owns 10.07% of its portfolio in TTSH, representing 10.57% of the company’s total shares.

Profile personly Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Trades, Portfolio)

Headquartered in Rincon, Puerto Rico, Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Deals, Portfolio) is a well-known investment company with a diversified portfolio. The company currently owns 66 shares, with a total equity of $243 million. Its top holdings include Inc (AMZN, Financial), Children’s Place Inc (PLCE, Financial), Tile Shop Holdings Inc (TTSH, Financial), Tilly’s Inc (TLYS, Financial), and J.Jill Inc (JILL, Financial). . The company’s investment strategy focuses primarily on consumer cyclical and consumer defensive sectors.1721770214078607360.png

Tile Shop Holdings Inc. Overview

Tile Shop Holdings Inc, a USA-based specialty retailer, offers a wide range of natural and synthetic stone tiles, preparation and maintenance materials and related accessories. The company also manufactures its own setup and maintenance materials. Its primary market includes consumers, contractors, designers and home builders. As of November 7, 2023, the company has a market cap of $240.021 Million and a stock price of $5.39. The company’s GF score is 78/100, indicating average potential performance.1721770192595382272.png

Tile Shop Holdings Inc stock analysis

The Tile Shop Holdings Inc stock’s P/E ratio is 18.31, which indicates that the company is profitable. The stock is modestly undervalued, with a GF of $6.09 and a GF P/E ratio of 0.89. Since its IPO in 2010, the stock has fallen 43.56%, but is up 3.26% since the deal and 25.06% year-to-date. The company’s financial strength is rated 5/10, its profitability rating is 6/10, and its growth rating is 5/10.

The financial health of Tile Shop Holdings Inc

Tile Shop Holdings Inc has a cash-to-debt ratio of 0.10 and interest coverage of 7.74. The company’s return on equity is 10.88, and its return on assets is 3.76. Over the past three years, the company’s gross margin decreased by 0.90%, while operating margin and revenue grew by 0.00% and 6.00%, respectively.

Momentum and predictability of Tile Shop Holdings Inc stock

The stock’s 5 Day RSI is 58.57, 9 Day RSI is 55.73, and 14 Day RSI is 52.94. The stock’s 6 – 1 month momentum index is 17.52, and the stock’s 12 – 1 month momentum index is 17.78.

Top expert on Tile Shop Holdings Inc stock

First Eagle Investment (Trades, Portfolio) Management, LLC is the leading expert on Tile Shop Holdings Inc stock. However, the exact percentage of Tile Shop Holdings Inc shares you hold First Eagle Investment (Trades, Portfolio) LLC management is not available.

In conclusion, Fund 1 Investments, LLC (Trades, Portfolio)’s acquisition of shares of Tile Shop Holdings Inc. will likely affect the performance of the stock and the company’s portfolio. Value investors should monitor these developments closely for potential investment opportunities.

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