Four firefighters recover after being injured in a rollover accident in Fort Worth – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Four firefighters recover after being injured in a rollover accident in Fort Worth – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A group of Fort Worth firefighters are making progress in the recovery process after their truck overturned in an accident this week, according to officials.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said the team was headed to a house fire around 2:30 a.m. in the 4500 block of Pecos at Village Creek when the truck overturned near the Eugene McRae Community Center.

Engineer Matthew Schneider and firefighter Devin Kuhn were treated for minor injuries and released the same morning, officials said.

According to the department, firefighter Clint Robinson underwent surgery and was released from the hospital on Thursday. They said the recovery and rehabilitation process is expected to last another three to six months.

Fort Worth Fire

Capt. Daniel Terrell, who suffered life-threatening injuries, is also making progress, officials said. The administration said he was transferred from the intensive care unit on Thursday.

The Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association, whose members have been with injured colleagues at JPS Hospital since the accident, said the news is welcome.

“It’s very convenient, isn’t it? Tuesday morning was a rough day; we weren’t sure how things were going to go,” Vice President Zach Shaffer said.

Shaffer, who knows Terrell personally, said he comes to the hospital anytime someone in his family is hurt. But things changed differently when he found out who he was this time.

“I had a moment of panic at home, from the time of notification until I got here,” he said.

Shaffer said they are cautiously optimistic about Terrell’s recovery.

“I understand he was talking a little bit, trying to get up and move around a little bit,” he said. “He’s a very strong man; it doesn’t surprise me at all that his body hasn’t responded to a major challenge at all.”

Shaffer added: “He has made great strides, but he has a lot of achievements to achieve before he returns to 100%.”

Shaffer said he and his team rotate shifts at JPS 24/7 to help the Terrell family provide food, housing and activities for the children.

“I’m very attached to Daniel, as a person and as a friend, but I also understand that he needs me to do my job here to make sure his family is comfortable, and this is the best way I can serve him,” Shaffer said. He said.

Fort Worth Police are investigating the cause of the accident and have not yet released any details.

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