Former Red Bull foe makes a 2024 prediction that will disappoint a lot of F1 fans: PlanetF1

Former Red Bull foe makes a 2024 prediction that will disappoint a lot of F1 fans: PlanetF1

Former Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul believes Red Bull are unlikely to relent next season, as they appear to be “impervious to everything”.

The team has won 19 of 20 races so far in 2023, 17 victories going to Max Verstappen alone, with the RB19 sweeping all before it in terms of competition this year.

Team principal Christian Horner, who often dueled with Abiteboul when Renault was the team’s power unit supplier in mid-2010, admitted that Red Bull began work on the RB 20 months ago after realizing the competitiveness of its current car, and decided to focus on next year’s contender instead. So.

Ex-Renault boss: Red Bull unlikely to be caught in 2024

Given that Red Bull has decided to devote much of its available resources to planning for next year’s car and the dominance with which it won both world championships this year, it would be easy to expect more of the same next time around.

While Horner believes other teams will continue to catch up, the former Renault managing director believes the sport’s current dominant force will have enough to maintain its supremacy next year.

“People want me to say yes, but I don’t think so,” Abiteboul predicted to France Info when asked if the world champions would win the title next season.

“It’s amazing because Red Bull seems impervious to everything, impervious to all variables, whether it’s wind, temperature or ground effect. That makes their dominance even more impressive.

“It’s a dominance that doesn’t date back to today, and we mustn’t forget Sebastian Vettel’s titles. These people are used to winning and their reflexes are there. They have this winning attitude that is their trademark.

“It is a sign of foresight to be able to look forward to the next vintage when aerodynamic concepts are pushed to the limits.” recommends

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Speaking about Verstappen’s own dominance, Abiteboul added that the Dutchman has been able to maintain his lead by showing “patience” when he needs to, alongside his wins.

But even taking the Red Bull team leader out of the equation, the current Hyundai WRC boss believes the season has been interesting outside of the title race in Formula 1.

“He was able to come back and pass in traffic without making any mistakes, by being patient,” Abiteboul said.

“For those who only care about who wins, it’s a boring season, but it’s a particularly interesting one. I think all fights are beautiful.”

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