FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Vera Therapeutics Inc

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Vera Therapeutics Inc

Overview of recent transactions

On October 31, 2023, an investment company FMR LLC (Transactions, Portfolio) made a significant adjustment to its holdings in Vera Therapeutics Inc (VERA, Financial), a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The company reduced its position by 2,137,756 shares, resulting in a total of 3,307,610 shares remaining. Despite this major change, the deal did not have a material impact on… FMR LLC (Trades, Portfolio) with trade leverage recorded at 0%. The shares were trading at $10.42 per share on the date of the deal.

FMR LLC (Deals, Portfolio) Investment Profile

FMR LLC (Trades, Portfolio), founded by Edward C. Johnson II, founded in 1946, has a rich history of taking calculated risks and looking for stocks with growth potential. The firm’s investment philosophy is rooted in individual decision-making and innovation, as evidenced by its early adoption of technologies such as wireless trading platforms. FMR LLC (Trades, Portfolio) has grown significantly over the decades, with a current equity value of $1,154.67 trillion and a diversified portfolio that includes top holdings in both the technology and healthcare sectors. 1724549081537245184.png

About Vera Therapeutics Inc

Vera Therapeutics Inc, based in the USA, focuses on developing treatments for serious immune diseases. The lead product candidate, atacicept, is a fusion protein designed to reduce autoantibodies that contribute to autoimmune diseases. Since its IPO on May 14, 2021, the company has continued to actively commercialize its innovative therapies. Vera Therapeutics currently has a market cap of $605.177 million. 1724549063099084800.png

Trade impact analysis

Reduction in FMR LLC Vera Therapeutics Inc’s (Trades, Portfolio) holdings do not appear to significantly change the company’s overall investment strategy. With a trading leverage of 0% and a current position ratio of 7.46% in outstanding shares, FMR LLC (Deals, Portfolio) Maintains significant interest in the biotech company, albeit at a low level.

Market performance of Vera Therapeutics Inc

Since trading date, Vera Therapeutics Inc’s stock price has risen by 30.71%, currently standing at $13.62. This is a significant rise from the trading price of $10.42. However, the stock has seen a year-to-date decline of -25.57%, indicating some volatility in market performance.

Financial health and growth prospects

Vera Therapeutics Inc’s financial health, as evidenced by its financial strength with a balance sheet rating of 7/10, appears strong with a cash to debt ratio of 5.42. However, the company’s growth rating is not currently applicable, indicating that there is not enough data to evaluate its growth prospects.

Investment considerations for value investors

Value investors may be cautious given Vera Therapeutics Inc’s low GF score of 21/100, implying weak potential for future performance. In addition, the absence of data on the breakdown of GF Value and price into GF Value metrics makes it difficult to assess the stock’s valuation.


In summary, FMR LLC (Trades, Portfolio) The recent reduction in Vera Therapeutics Inc stock represents a strategic portfolio adjustment rather than a shift in investment philosophy. While the stock has shown recent price gains, its overall performance and financial metrics present a mixed picture for potential investors. Value investors, in particular, may need to weigh a company’s innovative product pipeline against current financial health and growth metrics before making investment decisions.

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