FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

Recent trade overview of FMR LLC (trades and portfolio).

On October 31, 2023, FMR LLC (Trades, Portfolio), a prominent investment firm, made a significant adjustment to its holdings in Denbury Inc (NYSE:DEN), an independent energy company. The company reduced its position by 550,032 shares, resulting in a total ownership of 1,373,426 shares in the company. This trade changed FMR LLC’s stake (Trades & Portfolio) in Denbury Inc by -28.60%, reflecting a slight shift in the company’s investment strategy with respect to the energy sector.

FMR LLC investment profile (trades and portfolio).

FMR LLC (Trades and Portfolio) was founded in 1946 by Edward C. Johnson II, also known as Fidelity, has a long history of taking risks and focusing on growth potential. The company’s investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that mutual funds should be managed based on individual decisions, a principle that has guided Fidelity’s approach to value investing. With a diverse range of products, including prominent mutual funds and ETFs, Fidelity has grown to manage a staggering $1,154.67 trillion worth of stocks, with a strong presence in the technology and healthcare sectors.

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

About Denbury Company

Denbury Inc, trading under the stock symbol DEN, is a major player in the oil and gas industry, particularly known for its carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2 EOR) and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) initiatives. Since its IPO on September 21, 2020, Denbury has focused on the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions, generating revenue through various segments including CO2, natural gas and oil sales. The company’s market cap is $4.56 billion, and the stock price is $88.66 according to the latest data.

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

FMR LLC adjusts its interest in Denbury Inc

Impact of the transaction on FMR LLC’s portfolio (trades and portfolio).

FMR LLC’s recent trading (trades and portfolio) has had little impact on its portfolio, with the position in Denbury Inc now representing just 0.01%. Despite the dilution, FMR LLC (trades and portfolio) still owns a significant 2.66% stake in the company. The trading price of $88.89 aligns closely with the current stock price and GF value, indicating a strategic move by the company.

Market performance of Denbury Inc

Denbury Inc’s financial health is strong, with a Financial Strength Rating of 7/10 and a Profitability Rating of 8/10. The company’s growth rate is also impressive at 7/10. These metrics, combined with a GF score of 87/100, indicate strong performance potential for Denbury Inc. stock.

Comparative analysis with other investors

Soros Fund Management LLC is another notable investor in Denbury Inc, where it owns a large percentage of the shares. Other investors include Jefferies Group (Trades, Portfolio) and Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio). FMR LLC’s position (trades and portfolio) remains large when compared to these other investors, although reduced.

Valuation and stock metrics for Denbury Inc

Denbury Inc stock is currently trading at a P/E ratio of 9.90, indicating profitability. The GF Value Rating is 5/10, with the stock fairly valued at a GF Value of $90.35. The stock’s momentum is strong, with a momentum rating of 10/10, indicating a positive outlook for future performance.

Concluding insights into FMR LLC trading (trades and portfolio).

FMR LLC’s recent position (trades and portfolio) at Denbury Inc reflects a calculated adjustment within its portfolio. With Denbury shares fairly valued and the company’s strong financial and growth metrics, FMR LLC’s continued investment (trades and portfolio), albeit at a low stake, indicates belief in the company’s value proposition and market outlook. Investors will be watching closely to see how this trade impacts both FMR LLC’s portfolio (trades and portfolio) and the performance of Denbury Inc’s energy sector stocks.

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