Felipe Massa discusses key relationship in Formula 1 after Lewis Hamilton claims 2008 title: PlanetF1

Felipe Massa discusses key relationship in Formula 1 after Lewis Hamilton claims 2008 title: PlanetF1

Felipe Massa believes his relationship with Stefano Domenicali has “never changed”, despite the 2008 legal title battle that put them on opposite sides.

Current Formula 1 chief executive Domenicali was Massa’s team principal at Ferrari during the year in question in the legal proceedings, with the two locked in a battle with McLaren for top honors against Lewis Hamilton.

Massa is currently taking legal action against the authorities to try and declare him the rightful winner of the 2008 title following Bernie Ecclestone’s comments surrounding his apparent knowledge of the “Crashgate” scandal at the Singapore Grand Prix, and his belief that Massa should be champion. – although he has since denied knowledge of the interview that led to legal action.

Felipe Massa comments on Stefano Domenicali’s relationship

Having been on the same side in the heat of the championship, Domenicali now represents Formula 1’s interests in legal proceedings, although this case is indicative of current events since Ecclestone has been in charge of the sport.

While this may be an awkward situation, the Brazilian said their relationship remains intact – adding that the organization is the same, but the people there are not.

“Stefano is a great friend,” Massa told Motorsport.com.

“I always talk to him, regardless of everything that happened, so there’s nothing really to say about it.

“He has never changed the relationship or behavior with me, and he never will.

“In the end, it’s the same company, with different people, and so is the FIA.

“But in any case, I really hope that the people who are now looking after the FIA ​​or the FIA ​​do the right thing, for the fairness of the sport, so what happened in the past can never happen again.”

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But while opinion is divided among racers on whether or not Massa will succeed in his case, the former Ferrari driver is confident that he will be able to achieve his goal of being named legitimate world champion in 2008.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” Massa said.

“I’m not a lawyer. I’m pretty sure we have a good team working on this. But I believe in justice.”

“And I think that’s the most important thing. I’ve never been happy with what’s happening in Singapore, all the time, from 2009 when I found out (about the Pique incident), until now.

“I’ve always been really aggressive about what happened in that race, which is not a sport.

“Especially after 15 years, we hear that people knew in 2008 and did nothing. This is what changed my mind about fighting for justice.

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