Families are demanding change after a Renton accident that killed 4 people

Families are demanding change after a Renton accident that killed 4 people

The families also took time to offer forgiveness to the 18-year-old driver suspected of causing the accident and asked people to pray for him.

RENTON, Wash. — Families of the four people killed and two children injured in a devastating car crash in Renton spoke to the media Friday to share more about their loved ones and call on local officials to make changes on the road to preventing future deaths.

Eloise and Matilda “Tilly” Wilcoxson, ages 12 and 13, Buster Brown, 12, and Andrea Hudson, 38, died in the crash. Charlotte and Nolan Hudson, two of Andrea’s children, are in the ICU and are in stable condition.

At the press conference, the three families described themselves as a close-knit group who helped raise and home-school their children together.

“Honestly, our three families, the Wilcoxons, the Hudsons and the Browns, the dads are friends, the moms are friends, the kids are all friends,” Buster’s father, Jaron Brown, said. “If I wasn’t in this with them, it would have been a lot harder… If we had to do (this) at all, I’m glad I’m able to do it with them.”

In addition to telling the world more about their loved ones, families had a call to action to share with local leaders and the community.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Chase Wilkeson, father of Eloise and Tilly, called on Renton authorities to do everything they can to make the intersection where the accident occurred safer. The 18-year-old driver, who is suspected of causing the accident, is believed to have been driving too fast just before the collision.

Neighbors who spoke to KING 5 in the aftermath of the accident said 140th Avenue in Renton, where the accident occurred, “has been turned into a race track.”

“This is not the first death to happen here,” Chase Wilkeson said, “but with help, it could be the last.” “We call on these authorities and leaders in our community to analyze and research what structural and other changes can be made here so that something like this never happens again.”

Wilcoxon also called on the community to do their part to drive safely.

“When you’re driving, think about the people around you. When you’re tempted to speed, think of Andrea. When you’re tempted to hold your phone while driving, think of my two beautiful girls, Matilda and Eloise. “When you’re trying to turn on the light, remember Buster Brown,” he said. “We ask.” “Your help.”

Wilcoxson expressed the group’s thanks to first responders and the community for the outpouring of love and support.

Describing how the group was relying on their faith to get them through this difficult time, he also took a moment to offer the group’s forgiveness to the 18-year-old driver accused of causing the collision. The suspect remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

“While we try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we believe in unconditional tolerance, and we pray and beg you to pray for the young man who caused this horrific accident, and to pray for his family,” Wilkeson said. “God loves him and we want the best for him.”

Here’s what the families wanted the public to know about their loved ones:

Eloise and Matilda Wilcoxson, the “co-captains” of the family

Sisters Eloise and Matilda Wilcoxson, aged 12 and 13, were the eldest in the sibling group. Their mother, Rivka Wilkeson, said they were “sweet, kind, adventurous young ladies.”

The girls’ mother said that they “co-led” their family, as they were only one year old. They were devoted to their four younger siblings, and were “super excited” for their younger sister, who is still on the way.

“They were the best of frenemies, and they sure knew how to get through it when they needed to, but above all, they were just adventurous buddies,” Rifka said. “They loved nothing more than going down a hill at high speeds on their mountain bikes or teaming up to wrestle their dad.”

She went on to say that Eloise would often be found scolding her sister about the number of plants in their bedroom. Matilda was a lover of plants and books, and loved playing the violin and running with Buster, who was her “best friend.”

The girls’ mother said her only consolation was that they were together when they died.

“They were inseparable in this life…and as bad as it was that they had to go together, I’m pretty sure that’s what they wanted.”

Buster Brown – “One of the most fun-loving and adventurous kids around.”

Buster Brown, 12, was close to his older brother. They loved to ride mountain bikes together, go to the skate park, and play basketball.

Buster, his brother, and Nolan Hudson were an “inseparable trio” and often played on the family’s greenbelt and in the woods.

“As much fun and energetic as Buster was, as competitive as he was in sports, he was honestly the sweetest kid — the sweetest kid,” said his father, Jaron Brown. “He just loves his family, he loves his mother — he was a mama’s boy that I never knew. We just love him, we grieve for him, and we grieve for ourselves.”

Buster’s mother, Jessica Brown, said she wanted to express her gratitude to everyone who helped raise him, including his homeschool teachers, cousins, friends, aunts and uncles.

Andrea Brown – “Quiet, patient, selfless, and ‘dear friend'”

Melanie Hanes, Andrea Hudson’s sister, said she was “quiet, patient and selfless” and never raised her voice at anyone. However, she was “strong and brave” and always stood up for what she believed in.

The home of Andrea, an artist, was described as “kind of like a museum,” where everything had a meaning and a story behind it. Andrea loved birthdays and would decorate her house, make “amazing cakes” and throw “wonderful parties” for her children.

Andrea loved the outdoors, her faith, and her church. She loved serving with children and youth.

“But the most important legacy she will leave behind is the love she has for her children,” Hans said.

Andrea taught a project-based learning class alongside Buster’s mother, Jessica Brown. Brown described Andrea as a “dear friend.”

“She was a mother to me in so many ways, and I learned from her example,” Brown said.

Two of Andrea’s children, Nolan and Charlotte, are still recovering from injuries sustained in the car accident in the intensive care unit. Isaac Smith, Andrea’s brother, said their condition was stable, but they still had a long way to go to recovery.

“Charlotte is sunshine when she walks in a room, she brings a wonderful energy,” Smith said. “She is very creative and artistic like her mother, a talented singer. She loves people, her friends, her family and her cousins. She loves animals.”

Nolan is “just a great kid,” Smith said, describing him as a smart, bright kid who loved strategy board games and card games, and spending time with friends and family.

There are more surgeries and tests ahead for both babies.

“They are taking baby steps toward recovery,” Smith said. “We are praying for a full recovery and hope it happens.”

Watch the full press conference here:

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