Faces of the Front Line honors Maria Sanchez, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Faces of the Front Line honors Maria Sanchez, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Maria Sanchez

Physics laboratories are not necessarily the first place you turn when looking for a top-notch cleaning staff, but it is an environment where their work can be more lively than usual. Maria Sanchez has been working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory for more than two years, and the impression she makes on her co-workers and supervisors is top-shelf. With so many visitors coming and going – and the high-level scientific applications that come with the area – having a clean, safe and reliable working environment is crucial not only for academic purposes, but also for creating an environment that encourages innovation and ensures safety.

“The buildings Maria is responsible for are always clean, and she does her best to make sure the environment is as germ-free as possible and that safety is top notch,” says Jasmine Orellana, her department supervisor. “She always makes sure people in the labs are protected and does what she can to avoid contributing to anyone getting sick.”

Like many researchers who visit laboratories to work and observe, Maria is dependable, creative, and dedicated to her tasks. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her areas of responsibility are taken care of, and has earned a reputation for giving her best and bringing a positive attitude to work every day.

“She is a role model for her peers,” Orellana adds. “She always does her best and steps in to help when resources are limited.”

Again, like the academic endeavors that take place in laboratories, Sanchez takes special care to make sure everything she does is of the highest possible standard. She is known to often take on extra duties or take over without being asked – and with so many different faces coming and going, she understands the importance of bringing her best self to work every time to create the best and safest impression. Visitor experiences. As circumstances dictate, they also handle special requests with ease, always attentive to the special needs that different types of building occupants may have at a given time.

“Even on days when there is a lot of pressure or extra work, she manages to accomplish her entire mission and more, always exceeding expectations,” Orellana says.

During her time in the labs, Sanchez turned her job into something of a science. Her supervisors note that she goes out of her way to ensure every task is done correctly, and that the standard of quality she sets for herself is unparalleled. She doesn’t need someone hovering over her shoulder to trust that things are done right. She is skilled at managing her time to achieve the best results and is the first to volunteer when someone needs help, even when she is busy with her own tasks.

“She has shown a very high level of responsibility and dependability, and for this reason, we believe she should be recognized,” says Oriana.

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