Face mask mandates still persist, however stupidly, for a Marxist strategy

Face mask mandates still persist, however stupidly, for a Marxist strategy

A very smart 15-year-old said during the height of America’s coronavirus lockdowns that a face mask was like a toddler hiding under a blanket to protect against a monster in the closet. In other words: good luck with that.

However, MSN just posted this – a headline on November 8: “Bay Area Brings Back Covid Mask Orders in Healthcare Settings.” Will Los Angeles follow suit?”

To answer the question: Maybe. On face masks, stupidity is the order of the day. And in enclaves dominated by Democrats, leftists, liberals, progressives, and Marxists—that is, most of California—stupidity runs rampant.

“Most San Francisco Bay Area counties are reimposing mask requirements among workers in health care settings, timed to coincide with the arrival of the annual respiratory illness season and a late-year resurgence of the coronavirus,” MSN wrote.

Medical bureaucrats already have a number in mind for mandating face masks again — which is just as arbitrary as it was a few years ago. For example, Dr. Monto Davis of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said his office would need to see 20 or more new coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals each week, for every 100,000 residents. Calculate. This means 40 hospitalizations resulting from a COVID-19 test per 200,000 residents; 60 per 300,000; 80 per 400,000.

It’s laughably random. Why 20?

It is hopelessly unscientific. Why per 100,000?

It’s grossly deceptive. Face masks do not work, repeat, face masks do not work, repeat, face masks do not work. By working, this means they are not stopping the spread of coronavirus, or any virus, in communities as a whole. Why? Because people don’t live in a hospital surgical room where face masks are tied to a doctor’s face by a nurse, never touched, never pulled down, until the procedure is complete, and then thrown away. Garbage. Most people toss their face masks in the glove box, pull them down when they enter a store, hang them by the ear while chatting on the phone, wear them with gaps at their cheeks, near their noses, and maybe even pull them under their noses. . They throw it in their pockets and pocketbooks to eat, then pick it out, shake off the dust, and throw it back on their faces.

Most people wear them as a show of conformity, obedience, or feigned sympathy for others.

The data says this, the data says that, the data says that. Data is corrupt, skewed, falsified, incomplete, decontextualized, politicized, and pushed to reinforce the rhetoric of regulatory oversight.

Common sense will tell you that face masks are worthless in suppressing the virus.

However, in Mendocino County, north of the Bay Area, a mask order will go into effect on November 24 and extend through April 30, 2024, for health care workers, and then in subsequent years, starting on October 1.

Why November 24 and not the 25th? Why will the mandate go into effect next year on October 1, not November 24?

It’s that famous flag, not the Democrats’ flag, that appears again.

“Epidemiology has taught us that well-fitted, high-quality masks are very effective for protecting patients from infection…infection is prevented at the source, and for protecting the wearer,” MSN wrote.

Fire the health department employees and put someone on the job who values ​​common sense.

Forced concealment is back.

The idea is to condition Americans to believe that face masks can stop air disease, so that globalists, bureaucrats, Marxists, Democrats and the like can implement the next phase of coronavirus restrictions on freedom, the one associated with the Great Reset, the one linked by the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab Indeed, climate change. Imagine the powers that could be seized by telling Americans that pollution levels are so bad that they are advised, no, strongly recommended, no, required to wear face masks? It’s for your health, you see. This is because the air is very polluted, you see.

It’s slow brainwashing, you see.

Americans must fight the idiots now – before the idiots lead to more mandates and we return to social distancing, business closures, school closures, and COVID-19 Square One shutdowns again. Only this time, it will all be to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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