F1 News – Exciting details emerge on Ferrari’s 2024 car as ‘biggest issue’ identified: PlanetF1

F1 News – Exciting details emerge on Ferrari’s 2024 car as ‘biggest issue’ identified: PlanetF1

After another busy day in the world of Formula 1, it’s time to update you on the key talking points.

A report has revealed details on what we can expect from Ferrari’s 2024 rival, a team that is struggling to return to its title-winning days of the past, while Red Bull coach Christian Horner has identified Ferrari’s national team atmosphere as a major obstacle. .

All this and more, let’s delve into the event…

2024 Ferrari will not be just a copy of Red Bull

Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari all entered the ground effect era of Formula 1 with unique ideas about what could be the most efficient concept, and over time they have made it clear that Red Bull is the team that has made it happen.

But, while Mercedes and Ferrari have since abandoned their tracks to gravitate towards the Red Bull concept, it has been reported that Ferrari’s 2024 Formula 1 rival will feature some unique characteristics, along with Red Bull-inspired ‘solutions’.

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Christian Horner identifies Ferrari’s ‘biggest problem’

The Scuderia will be hoping their 2024 rivals can end their spell of glory, which has been ongoing since 2008.

Horner, boss of the dominant Formula One team Red Bull, believes Ferrari’s status as Italy’s national team and the scrutiny associated with it is not doing them any favors.

“I think the biggest problem Ferrari has is that it is a national team,” Horner said on Eve One. “It needs to get back to being a racing team.”

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Ferrari almost snatched away Red Bull’s main weapon Adrian Newey

After 2014’s regulatory changes saw Formula 1’s dominant power swap from Red Bull to Mercedes, Red Bull found itself on the verge of losing its designer Newey to Ferrari.

In fact, they were half an hour away from this nightmare scenario becoming a reality, before Horner could change his mind, planting the seeds for the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

“Adrian was very close to leaving and within about half an hour he was signing (for Ferrari),” Horner told Eve One.

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Pato Award hopes Andretti will make it to Formula 1

Ferrari, along with Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin, are the teams vying for position in a bid to wrest Red Bull’s control, with Ferrari the only team other than Red Bull to win the grand prix in 2023.

All the while, another potential team, the Andretti-Cadillac collaboration, hopes to join the fray in the coming years, but is facing backlash in its efforts to do so.

The McLaren IndyCar driver hopes Andretti can make it onto the Formula 1 grid.

“Of course, I would like to see them in this sport,” the Mexican told PlanetF1.com exclusively. “Because that means more cars and more opportunities. I think that would be great for both parties.”

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Felipe Massa criticizes Ferrari’s policy from the days of Fernando Alonso

Alonso and Massa were Ferrari teammates from 2010 to 2013, a period that saw Alonso outperform Massa in racing and single-lap performance.

Mentally, Massa also took a beating from the Spaniard, who he said was “dividing” the team.

“It’s always been an exemplary way of working, using his strength,” Massa told the Track Limits podcast.

“He has a lot of power and he was trying to get the power he had to do everything on his side. I think that split the team down the middle.

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