Everything we know about the Adobe Premiere Pro Beta 23.6 update

Everything we know about the Adobe Premiere Pro Beta 23.6 update

In a stunning move, Adobe has announced a new update to Premiere Pro that has nothing to do with artificial intelligence or machine learning. Yes, we were amazed too. But rest assured, while there will undoubtedly be more AI updates coming to Premiere Pro and the rest of the industry soon, it’s at least a gentle reminder that Adobe cares about improving its products and the productivity of its creators.

With this new release of Premiere Pro 23.6, Adobe has focused on improving its workflow with ARRIRAW, as well as doubling down on improving the color management features of the legacy NLE.

Let’s take a look at Premiere Pro version 23.6 and learn how and why you should consider updating your app to get its latest tools and features today.

Adobe Premiere Pro 23.6

The core of this new update is the new improved workflow with ARRIRAW. Since adding ARRIRAW support nearly a year ago, Adobe has been working behind the scenes to improve the workflow and experience for those looking to work with the popular ARRI format.

This new version 23.6 should make the ARRIRAW workflow experience more user-friendly and flexible than ever before as it improves format support and GPU acceleration. Also, ARRIRAW will now be able to play in real-time and should look as stunning as you expect, so editors and cinematographers can get back to editing and grading.

To find ARRIRAW’s new color management settings, all you have to do is go to Interpret Footage > Color path, and in the Color Settings panel, you can now automatically detect or apply Log C Media Color Space to override or apply color space. Input terminal.

You can also read about the new workflow features here on the Adobe website.

If you use ARRIRAW in the Rec709 color space as the source, all media colors are now managed.

Credit: Adobe

Color management updates

For those who may not have paid much attention to the last few updates to Premiere Pro, Adobe is slowly introducing more and more improvements to colors in Premiere Pro by making it faster, easier, and overall more consistent.

With Premiere Pro 23.3, for example, Adobe introduced Automatic Tone Mapping, making it easier to mix and match footage and work with HDR media like iPhone HLG and 10-bit log footage in the same SDR timelines. (Since this version 23.3, Auto Tone Mapping has been turned on by default, but you can turn it on or off in your sequence settings if you’re looking to use a LUT-based workflow.)

Along with this tone mapping, Adobe has moved the Auto Detect Log Video Color Space setting from Preferences to Project Settings which should speed up the workflow.

How to download

Adobe Premiere Pro version 23.6 is currently available for download and can be accessed through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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