Emma Johnson: A paramedic in California saves his daughter in an accident

Emma Johnson: A paramedic in California saves his daughter in an accident

A deer hit the 16-year-old girl’s window with great force and flew through the entire car, breaking her neck and back.

YUBA COUNTY, Calif. – A teenager was hospitalized after a freak accident on her way to school left her with a broken neck and back.

She is now recovering thanks to one of the paramedics who was the first to arrive at the scene, her father.

Her father, Tim Johnson, is a firefighter and paramedic with the Peninsula Fire District, a small fire department in Plumas County.

“We respond to emergency calls, fire calls, EMS calls on a daily basis. They are just there to assist the public and provide assistance,” Johnson said. “In our small community we don’t have a lot of paramedics. I’m actually the only person in our community who is an actual paramedic.

He’s also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Dobbins in Yuba County, which he was doing on Nov. 2.

“I heard my pager go off to call our city’s volunteer fire department, so I got up and got dressed and called my wife… My wife stopped the accident because she left a few minutes after Emma and she called me and told me it was Emma, ​​it was her truck,” Johnson said.

Emma, ​​his only daughter, was headed to school at Nevada Union High School where she was a senior.

Johnson says another driver hit a deer on Marysville Road and threw the animal with such force that it hit a 16-year-old girl’s windshield, breaking her neck and back before exiting the back window of her truck.

When he arrived at the scene, firefighters had pulled his daughter from the driver’s seat.

“I just made sure she knew I was there and then I went to work doing what I know to do. You always think it’s possible, but I never thought I would have to work on someone in my family,” Johnson said.

Emma was airlifted to Enloe Medical in Chico, then again to UC Davis Hospital where she is now.

Emma underwent a 12-hour operation focusing on the fractures in her face on Tuesday. Doctors hope that the fracture in her neck will heal on its own.

“If there was a silver lining, I think I was there. I was out of work and home and could provide care for her,” Johnson said.

Now, while Emma focuses on her recovery, their community is focused on caring for the Johnson family.

They have already seen an outpouring of support from fire departments, Emma’s high school, her softball team and the FFA family where Emma shows cattle and rides horses.

“She is always there for everyone and the community has really stepped up to support her.”

Emma has at least one more surgery ahead of her. The community has come together and started a GoFundMe to help with some of the financial costs of the accident.

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