Emily Balch’s ATV accident explained

Emily Balch’s ATV accident explained


  • Emily and Brennan’s marriage has been suffering since their honeymoon, with Brennan admitting that he is not attracted to Emily and her becoming increasingly frustrated with his lack of effort.
  • Emily books them on an ATV ride in an attempt to bond and have fun, but she ends up crashing and needing an ambulance.
  • Despite their difficulties, Brennan appears by Emily’s side at the hospital, indicating that he is stepping up and showing support for her. The future of their marriage remains uncertain.

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During the last episode of Married at first sight In Season 17, Emily Balch was involved in a serious ATV accident while on an adventurous date with her husband, Brennan Schuycht. Emily and Brennan were the first couple to get married this season, and they’ve been having a rough time since returning from their honeymoon. On their honeymoon, Brennan and Emily bonded over their mutual professional ambitions, personal values, and hopes for the future. They seemed to be attracted to each other, with Brennan calling Emily his “the girl of dreams” Early on.

However, upon returning from Mexico, Brennan said he was not attracted to Emily and felt that way “Drained” After spending 24/7 with her on their honeymoon. Since then, Emily tries to make Brennan feel the spark againBut Brennan couldn’t do that. In recent episodes, they have been building their friendship, but Emily has been growing increasingly frustrated with what she sees as Brennan’s lack of effort to make her feel comfortable and wanted in their marriage. Brennan was resistant to treatment, open and vulnerable in front of the camera, and attempted to have any kind of intimacy with Emily.


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Emily booked an ATV trip for her and Brennan

In an effort to expand on the fun she and Brennan are having together and to keep their interactions on the lighter side, Emily schedules an ATV ride for her and Brennan during a couples’ retreat they’re joining. At dinner the night before the ATV ride, Emily shared how excited she was to do the activity with Brennan. The other couples agreed that it would be a good way for Emily and Brennan to connect amid the marriage turmoil they were experiencing.

The next morning, Emily conducted a self-interview where she described, “Brennan and I work on ATVs. We like more fun and more exciting things, so I thought this would be a fun thing to do. I’m just in for the good vibes this weekend.” “Maybe some people live on the edge of emotions.” Upon arriving at the ATV ride, in an exclusive interview, Brennan noted that he and Emily were “We’re working on the friendship part of our relationship, and we haven’t been able to have a fun adventure in a while.”

Emily crashes the vehicle and needs an ambulanceEmily is married in the First Sight Season 17 montage

the Married at first sight Cameras showed Emily exclaiming how excited she is about ATVing before she and Brennan took off with their guide. After a while on the road with Brennan in front of Emily. Emily’s ATV camera showed her going off the track and crashing. As the crew, Brennan, and the guide were running, someone could be heard saying: “We bled so much blood, I cut off her head.” Emily can then be heard asking Brennan, “Will I be okay?” Brennan replied, “It’ll be fine.”

911 was called, and Brennan slapped Emily’s hand while holding a towel over her bleeding head wound. Brennan only left Emily’s side when paramedics came to look at her as she lay on the ATV. The paramedics asked her if she knew where she was while they bandaged her head before transporting her in the ambulance. Brennan looked at the scene and said: “This is bad.”

Brennan will show up to Emily at the hospital

An introductory clip for the next episode of Married at first sight Season 17 showed Emily lying in a hospital bed resting while her head was wrapped and her hair was covered in blood. Brennan was in the chair next to her, holding her hand. In an interview, Brennan said: “I’m just praying, and hoping everything is okay. But here I am, sick and well.” It seems like Brennan will step up to be there for Emily after the incident, but it’s unclear if the situation will bring them closer together in their marriage. The marriage of Brennan and Emily (trans life) needs to improve a little so that either of them can say yes on decision day.

Married at first sight Airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST.

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