Drivers say ‘terrible’ new rules on disability are ineffective. · Formula 1 · Racing enthusiasts

Drivers say ‘terrible’ new rules on disability are ineffective.  · Formula 1 · Racing enthusiasts

New rules introduced by Formula 1 to prevent drivers from blocking each other have not worked, according to some, who described the regulations as “awful”.

Since mid-season, Formula 1 has been trying to crack down on drivers hanging out in front of each other during qualifying sessions. They do this to ensure that they can start a lap without being affected by the turbulent air of the car in front of them.

Initially, Formula 1 required drivers to stay above the maximum lap time between pit exit and pit entrance at all times. This prevented them from slowing down to an excessive degree at the end of a lap, creating a dangerous situation when drivers approached them on fast laps.

However, the maximum lap time rule led to large numbers of drivers being investigated for potential violations after each qualifying session. These drivers were almost always cleared as the stewards tended to rule that they only drove slowly to avoid impeding the competitor.

The rules have also led to some drivers crawling towards the pit exit and even stopping there as they leave to start a lap, in order to create a gap with the car in front of them before reaching the point where they are bound by the maximum time.

Stewards tried to stop this with another new rule in Brazil, which stipulates that drivers must allow others to pass them at the pit exit if they are not going full speed. Three drivers were penalized as a result of this rule: George Russell and Alpine.

Some of their competitors are not convinced that the rule changes have had the desired effect. Max Verstappen, who passed several cars in the exit zone during both qualifying rounds in Brazil, described it as “absolutely terrible”.

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Interlagos has an unusually long exit, as does Yas Marina, which Formula 1 will visit later this month. Verstappen expects more problems on tracks with different pit exit designs.

“On this track, you have a very long exit from the hole and there are some walls,” he said. “But on some other routes, if we implement that, you’re driving very slowly on a straight road with people passing at over 300 kilometers per hour, and you’re probably driving 15 or 20 kilometers per hour to leave a gap, which I think is very dangerous.” “For me, this doesn’t work at all. It creates more problems.”

He pointed out that some drivers “were getting on the grass, including me, to try to pass the cars” during qualifying in Brazil. “It’s just chaos.

“In each qualifying round, between six and eight cars are observed for driving too slowly during the (maximum) time.” “I don’t know what we are trying to achieve.”

Lando Norris was reprimanded by the stewards for passing the time as he slowed down behind Yuki Tsunoda during the qualifying session for the sprint race. He noted that the driver in front of him backed off because another car appeared in front of him, and he does not believe he should have been reprimanded as a result.

He said: “I received a reprimand because two cars in front of me left the pit lane, or one of them crossed the safety car line, and one of them left the pit lane at the same time.” “I can’t overtake, otherwise I’ll race (another car) in the qualifying lap, which is stupid.

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“So I have to back off, so I’m under the minimum time and I get reprimanded for it. It’s just silly.”

“It doesn’t mean the refs made the wrong decision, it’s just a rule that shouldn’t be in my opinion, because I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I didn’t block anyone. I didn’t get in anyone’s way. I didn’t overtake and cause a race in qualifying and I’m getting a reprimand for that. So Just silly stuff.

He said the increasing number of rules governing what drivers can do in qualifying sessions creates more problems.

“It’s a tough one,” Norris admitted. “Of course people go slow and things like that. But if you’re afraid of that, just get out of the pit lane early and avoid waiting in long lines. It’s very simple.

“The only point is when you have like four minutes left on the clock, or two minutes left on the clock, and you have a guy at the front of the queue waiting only 30 seconds, 20 seconds – Fernando (Alonso) and Lewis (Hamilton) do, in McLaren (in 2007) – And they kind of screwed everyone over, so maybe that’s the only thing that’s unfair.

“But I think there are more and more rules for everything and it’s causing more and more chaos for everyone.”

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