Does Andretti Cadillac deserve a place on the Formula 1 grid? · Racing enthusiasts

Does Andretti Cadillac deserve a place on the Formula 1 grid?  · Racing enthusiasts

The FIA ​​has approved Andretti Cadillac’s application to join the Formula 1 grid, but not everyone wants to see an 11th team enter the series.

Formula One management showed little interest in expanding the grid and most of Andretti’s potential rivals made it clear they did not want them.

Andretti, which already competes in IndyCar, Formula E and other disciplines, is expanding its operations, having announced last year that it was building a huge new base in Indiana, USA.

While Formula One responded quietly at best to Andretti’s overtures, it was more receptive to the possibility of the entry of a GM-owned brand. But GM made clear this week that it will not race in Formula 1 with anyone other than Andretti.

So, Formula 1 faces a clear question: welcome Andretti-Cadillac into the fold or close the door. What do you think they should do?


“No more than 26 cars will be accepted into the championship,” the Formula 1 sporting regulations state unequivocally. With only 20 teams currently on the grid, Formula 1 has the capacity to accommodate Andretti as well as two other teams.

The FIA ​​received more than three applications when it opened the door to potential entrants earlier this year. But Andretti Cadillac was the only company she chose. The sport’s governing body clearly has confidence in the quality of its selection.

Adding an 11th entrant would not only drain existing teams’ finances, as new entrants would have to pay an “anti-dilution” fee of $200 million. Additionally, the addition of a major manufacturer like General Motors that is allied with one of motorsport’s great racing dynasties – both from the coveted US Formula 1 market – would generate additional interest and thus income.


The idea of ​​accepting an additional team is good in theory, but in practice it may cause major problems. Existing teams oppose this because their profits from Formula 1 would be reduced if they had to be shared with a new entrant. This isn’t a matter of greed – some of these teams were genuinely worried about their futures just a few years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

There are also significant logistical challenges to overcome, such as how to accommodate an additional team at some of Formula 1’s smaller paddocks, particularly in Monaco and Zandvoort.

While the biggest criticism of Formula 1 has been the lack of competition at the front of the field, adding a new team at the back of it wouldn’t make any meaningful difference.

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I say

The fact that Formula One is in a position to decide whether to let Andretti in is a misconception. If a team builds two cars that match the regulations and has two race-eligible drivers, they should be able to enter.

Of course, in practice, if every team were allowed to enter, some mechanism would be needed to determine how many people would start the race. But it’s been done in the past, and it’s not something F1 will have to worry about until Andretti arrives and two new teams join them.

It remains to be seen how competitive Andretti will be. There is no doubt that they set themselves a huge challenge. But that’s a story that should be allowed to play out on the track, not a reason to keep them out in the first place.

You say

Should Andretti be allowed into Formula 1? Cast your vote below and share your opinion in the comments.

Do you agree that Andretti-Cadillac deserves a place on the Formula 1 grid?

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