DIY legend Chris Cutler who built the viral NSX trailer has passed away in a tragic S2000 accident

DIY legend Chris Cutler who built the viral NSX trailer has passed away in a tragic S2000 accident

Chris Cutler was 41 years old, and the details surrounding his accident are unclear

    DIY legend Chris Cutler who built the viral NSX trailer has passed away in a tragic S2000 accident

  • NSX owner and community member Chris Cutler died in an early morning crash Monday.
  • Cutler was driving a 2001 Honda S2000, but it is unclear what caused the accident.
  • The NSX community is mourning the loss of the DIY enthusiast who gained fame for his custom trailer and NSX camper.

Chris Cutler was famous as an avid NSX enthusiast, a skilled DIYer, and a devoted dog lover. Years ago, his NSX trailer and custom-built roof tent set the Internet on fire. Tragically, he died in the early hours of Monday, April 1, following a Honda S2000 crash.

Police responded to the scene around 1:20 a.m. on I-91 South, just north of Exit 13, where they discovered the vehicle had struck a guardrail before veering off the bridge, WTNH reported. Paramedics quickly transported Cutler to the hospital, but unfortunately he did not survive. The cause of the accident is still unclear, and as of this writing, the police have not revealed further details.

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Simply put, the NSX community is in deep mourning after Cutler’s accident. He was known not only for his DIY NSX themed projects but for his kindness and involvement in the community.

Renowned car photographer Larry Chen described Cutler as an “incredible human being” and said the situation was an “absolute tragedy.” Another commenter added: “The entire automotive community mourns your loss. Thank you for being a driving force and an absolute legend.” Another NSX enthusiast, Becca Nicole Johnson, echoed the sentiments of several others in a post.

“To say that Chris was beloved is an understatement. He was greatly appreciated, not only for his talents but for his ability to inspire others to pursue their passions with the same enthusiasm that he had. His legacy will live on in every project we undertake, and in every adventure we embark on,” she said. And in every story we share of the wonderful life he lived.” According to a family friend, his relatives were understandably unwilling to bear the costs associated with his death and set up a fund to help.

Cutler was also a dog lover. His late pup Cassius was featured in many of his posts and according to The Drive, Cutler’s mission was to visit the 48 states with Cassius. His last Facebook post was surrounded by a Pin giveaway to benefit the ASPCA. Even the pin itself had a small poem by Casillas on it.

And while they are both gone now, let this be a reminder to all of us to appreciate the loved ones around us, to make the world around us as good as possible, and to make the most of the time we have.

Photo credit: Chris Cutler

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