Disney is teaming up with artificial intelligence, and “emotional control” will soon be available on the streaming service

Disney is teaming up with artificial intelligence, and “emotional control” will soon be available on the streaming service

A whole new experience is coming to Disney’s streaming service sooner rather than later. Disney is partnering with AI to bring you a more personalized and unique viewing experience for its streaming platforms. Basically, your emotions can be controlled through this partnership.

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Disney… Want to control your brand marketing at home with a streaming service?

The Walt Disney Company is using artificial intelligence to create a new advertising tool called “Disney Magic Words.” This tool allows brands to customize their commercials to match the mood of specific scenes in movies or TV shows on Disney+ and Hulu. Disney can identify content, brands, images and moods by analyzing scenes using artificial intelligence and machine learning and creating metadata tags. Brands can use these tags to customize their messaging to fit the scene or mood.

This approach moves away from targeting broad demographics and instead focuses on specific audience sentiments, explained Jeffrey Calabrese, chief investment officer at Omnicom Media Group. Omnicom is one of six global advertising companies participating in early testing of this tool.

Rita Ferro, head of global ad sales at Disney, highlighted how this feature allows advertisers to connect more deeply with viewers’ experiences, maximizing the impact of their messages.

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Disney’s investment in streaming ad technology reflects a broader trend as advertisers shift away from traditional TV. While Disney does not disclose its advertising revenue, CEO Bob Iger has noted a significant increase in the number of advertisers for the ad-supported version of Disney+. Joe Early, president of Disney’s direct-to-consumer business, emphasized the company’s focus on improving ad technology for streaming, with Hulu a leader in ad-supported streaming since 2008.

Overall, Disney aims to make its streaming platforms the best choice for brands in the future, leveraging innovative technology to enhance the ad experience for both advertisers and viewers.

In the long term, Disney hopes to personalize your emotions to know what you want based on what you watch, essentially allowing brands like the ones you love to send you the right commercial to buy the right things for you in the future.

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More streaming services unite

On February 1, it was announced that Disney was in talks to take control of the NFL soon through a deal that would give Disney control of ESPN in a new deal. According to reports from multiple sources, Disney and the NFL are exploring a potential partnership.

The proposed arrangement would see the National Football League take a stake in ESPN, which Disney owns. In return, Disney will gain control of NFL Media. This strategic collaboration could provide Disney with a significant boost in revenue, especially during difficult financial circumstances, Variety reported.

Then, it was announced this week that Disney will also be teaming up with Fox and Warner Bros. to team up to create a new streaming giant in the sports industry. The three media giants aim to join forces to devise a plan to transform the sports entertainment industry through this collaboration. People can finally watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and sports under one new umbrella, AKA the streaming platform. But the price, Reuters reports, says the price will be paid through a roughly 40-month subscription.

Disney is hoping to combat streaming services like Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, and of course, Netflix. Disney Plus lets people watch movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, classics like Toy Story (1995), beloved movies and TV series from the popular Disney Channel, and much more. Disney CEO Bob Iger and The Walt Disney Company are determined to enhance the overall guest experience at its parks, cruise ships and from the comfort of their own homes.

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