Digital Studio NW, LLC unveils an innovative PSA qualification feature for its auction platform

Digital Studio NW, LLC unveils an innovative PSA qualification feature for its auction platform

Portland, Oregon – Digital Studio NW, LLC, a leading digital solutions provider headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to its auction platform scheduled to launch early next week. The new PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) onboarding feature is set to revolutionize the trading card charging process, providing users with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

The highlight of this feature is the seamless integration of the barcode functionality of PSA graded cards within the shipment receipt section of the platform. This advancement not only speeds up operational processes but also ensures that details of important items are included, which greatly helps in creating detailed descriptions and titles.

Key Features of Setup for PSA:

Barcode integration: Users can now easily load PSA graded cards using barcode scanning technology, simplifying the shipping process and reducing manual data entry errors.

Enhance efficiency: Integrating graded PSA cards via barcode ensures a faster and more efficient onboarding process, saving valuable time for both sellers and platform administrators.

Exact descriptions of the batch: This feature ensures that specific item attributes are accurately captured, providing a comprehensive basis for lot descriptions and titles, ultimately enhancing the overall auction experience.

Additionally, Digital Studio NW, LLC is excited to announce an upcoming addition to their site OpenAI Item Collection Writer, allowing users to include a custom prompt to create powerful batch details with minimal effort, all with just one click. This addition reinforces the company’s commitment to providing advanced tools that empower administrative users and raise the level of their experience within the auction platform.

About PSA:

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the world’s premier and most trusted third-party trading card authenticator and grading company. With more than 70 million cards and collectibles certified since its inception in 1991, PSA has reported a cumulative value exceeding $1 billion. As part of the Collectors Universe, PSA continues to set industry standards with offices spanning California, New Jersey, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Digital Studio NW, LLC remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering solutions that redefine the digital auction and e-commerce experience. The upcoming PSA Qualification feature represents another milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

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