Cost, plans, features and more

Cost, plans, features and more

  • The least expensive service is one of our choices.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • No hidden fees.

  • Customer service is not available on weekends.
  • No legal advice or attorney advice is available.
  • Expensive bundled business configuration and registered agent plans compared to some competitors.

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BetterLegal Overview and Facts

BetterLegal was founded in 2016. The company is headquartered in Texas, and is currently headed by Chad Sakonczyk. It offers one of the lowest registered agent service rates in the industry and prides itself on speed and efficiency. It says it can help you file your company’s legal documents within just two business days, including state formation filing, operating agreements or bylaws, and tax ID applications.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, BetterLegal has a rating of 4.6 out of five stars on TrustPilot and an average of 4.67 out of five stars for user reviews with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most positive ratings and reviews about the company praise its quick application process and knowledgeable customer service representatives. BetterLegal has filed 10 customer complaints with the BBB in the past three years, all of which have been resolved.

Pricing for BetterLegal Registered Agent Services

Business entities, such as LLCs, need a registered agent to receive the company’s legal documents and pass them on to the right person at the right time. Although a company can choose to be its own registered agent, it must have a physical address that is not a post office box and its representative must be available to receive business documents during all regular business hours. For some companies, it is more convenient and efficient to outsource this service.

At $90 per year, BetterLegal’s registered agent service is not included with business formation services, so you’ll need to purchase it as a standalone service or as an add-on. Every year, your subscription automatically renews and there are no hidden fees. Fees are clearly displayed on the website and are invoiced annually.

BetterLegal offers some of the lowest rates for registered agent services in the industry, and during the implementation of the service, the provider will receive the following from your company:

  • Legal documents.
  • Tax forms.
  • call up.
  • Official government correspondence.

BetterLegal also has a public address to display for your company so people can know where to mail important documents. PO Boxes cannot be used since states require a physical address when registering your business. Since registered agent addresses are publicly available, you don’t want to use your home address and potentially be exposed to security and privacy risks.

BetterLegal may not be as popular as some of its competitors, but it still performs well. This company can assist with filing state formation, purchasing an EIN (tax ID), forming an operating agreement, expedited processing, and purchasing a free website and business banking as part of their business formation package. Additional services include registered agent services, assistance with state compliance, permits, and license searches.

BetterLegal Customer Support and Experience

BetterLegal customer service can be reached in several different ways, including email, phone, and chat. It does not currently offer a mobile app, but customers are given access to a private portal to view their accounts on the web browser of their choice.

For a more efficient response from customer service, it is best to contact BetterLegal by phone during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time (EST). There is an option to leave a voicemail if you cannot contact a customer service representative immediately.

BetterLegal also responds to email inquiries. However, if you email or call outside business hours, you should expect a response within the next business day.

Finally, you can use the live chat feature on the site if you have a quick question about the company’s services. With this feature, many answers appear automated and it’s not clear whether you’re talking to a live person or a device set up to send automated responses to general questions.

BetterLegal vs Northwest Registered Agent

If you need independent, affordable registered agent service, at $90 per year, BetterLegal may be a better option than Northwest Registered Agent. A Northwest registered agent costs more, but with one free year of registered agent services in forming an LLC or nonprofit plan, it’s a better deal if you’re looking to form a combined business and registered agent plan. Additionally, Northwest’s registered agent covers state filing fees if you switch to their services.

Lyle Solomon, principal attorney at Oakview Law Group He says cost and price shouldn’t always be the first thing on your mind when choosing a registered agent.

“Having a highly professional registered agent will not only help you with compliance in the near term, but will also ensure that you can focus on growing your business without worrying too much about files and documents or any potential fines,” says Solomon.

Similar to BetterLegal, you can contact a Northwest registered agent via phone or email. The live chat feature is only available to businesses with an existing account. In contrast, BetterLegal offers a live chat feature for existing customers and shoppers. Northwest’s registered agent service includes features such as same-day local document scanning, mail forwarding, and annual report reminders.

BetterLegal vs IncFile

In terms of services, IncFile wins over BetterLegal. IncFile offers registered agent and business formation services for S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, and nonprofits while BetterLegal only helps with the formation of S-Corps and LLCs. At $119 per year, IncFile costs a little more than BetterLegal, but you get registered agent services for the first year for free when you use our LLC business formation services.

In terms of customer experience, both companies offer Monday-Friday customer support (with similar business hours of 9am-7pm EST and 9am-6pm CST, respectively) and an online customer dashboard. BetterLegal has only had 10 BBB complaints while IncFile has received 273 complaints in the past three years. Both BetterLegal and Incfile have high Trustpilot ratings, with BetterLegal a 4.6 and IncFile a 4.7 out of five stars.

Is BetterLegal right for your business?

BetterLegal is a great choice for businesses that need clear, reasonable pricing and an easy customer experience. With an annual price of $90 per year and no hidden fees, it is cost-effective for businesses looking for an independent registered agent service. This company’s customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself if you are looking for a straightforward service to handle your business mail.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive service to set up your business and get a registered agent, BetterLegal may not be the best choice. Additionally, if you are not forming an LLC or S-Corp, consider another provider since these are the only business structures BetterLegal can help with.

For example, Northwest’s registered agent offers assistance with forming a nonprofit corporation, as well as LLC formation services. In LLC formation plans, you also get free registered agent services for one year. With pre-filled state forms, same-day local surveys, and annual report reminders, a Northwest Enrolled Agent may check many of your boxes although the annual fee is a bit higher at $125 per year.

Both BetterLegal and Northwest registered agents operate in all 50 US states. This means that if you move your business, you won’t necessarily need to switch agents. “If you’re growth-minded, obtaining the services of a registered agent with a presence in multiple states will help you branch out easily, while staying with the same registered agent,” says Solomon.

We extensively research key industry competitors to identify the best products and services for your business. Our experts identify the factors that matter most to business owners, including pricing, features, and customer support, to ensure our recommendations offer comprehensive products that meet the needs of different small businesses.

We collect extensive data to narrow down our best list to reputable, easy-to-use products with premium features at a reasonable price. We look at user reviews to ensure that business owners like you are satisfied with the best services we provide. We use the same rubric to evaluate companies within a given space so you can confidently follow our blueprint for the best registered agent services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BetterLegal’s registered agent services are available in all 50 US states. However, each state has its own rules that registered agents must adhere to.

BetterLegal’s website does not state that it offers a guarantee or refund for registered agent services. Its Terms of Service state that BetterLegal is not liable for any loss or injury arising from negligent acts or omissions on behalf of the Provider in excess of the amount of services paid for the Registered Agent’s services.

BetterLegal is very transparent about fees and explains that registered agent services are an add-on service if you pay for your LLC or S-Corp registration or can be purchased as a stand-alone service. If you need the services of a registered agent, you can expect to pay $90 per year billed annually. The company displays a list of specific fees on the website including fees ranging from $5 to $30 to change a registered agent’s address.

Generally, BetterLegal will not issue refunds and all sales are final due to quick delivery times. However, if the Company has to terminate your Registered Agent and resign (if proper notice is given by your state), any prepaid fees you paid will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

You may cancel your BetterLegal Registered Agent Services by contacting Customer Service and email Or through your electronic portal. At this time, you must also designate another registered agent to assume this responsibility. After cancellation, you are responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of using your registered agent, including shipping charges.

Yes, BetterLegal offers business formation services, LLC services, state compliance services, as well as permit and licensing research.

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