Cleveland Police Officer Ashley Shute returns home after a paragliding accident

Cleveland Police Officer Ashley Shute returns home after a paragliding accident

CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team found a Cleveland police officer finally back in Northeast Ohio after being seriously injured in a paragliding accident in Utah.

It’s a big step in Detective Ashley Schott’s recovery.

She is scheduled to be airlifted here on Thursday to take the next turn in a long road to recovery.

Her husband, Gabe, spoke for the first time, telling the I-Team: “She feels more confident that she will have a path to recovery.”

For weeks, Ashley was in a hospital in Utah. Now, she has a survival story.

“She’s ready to start the road to rehabilitation,” Gabe Schott said. “I think she was looking forward to seeing herself feel normal again one day. I think she’s excited to be back home surrounded by the people who supported her.”

Police say a hang glider collided with Ashley and an instructor. One man died. Ashley suffered broken bones and even spinal injuries.

“What happened?” Request dispatch during a 911 call.

“A hang glider collided with a hang glider,” one caller said.

“I turned around and saw them hitting the ground hard. “It was hard,” said another.

“The surgeon who operated on her said he was confident in how they were able to secure her back together. She is expected to make a full recovery as far as mobility is concerned,” Gabe Schott said.

As for the incident, the police in Utah have begun an investigation. The FAA first told us that it does not typically handle such situations with a hang glider and glider. But now, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken over the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Police Union, the Utah Fraternal Order of Police and several strangers stepped forward to help. This has left Ashley and her husband forever grateful.

“We’ve just been overwhelmed with support. All the phone calls, texts, even donations. Just so many unexpected blessings,” he said.

Ashley Schott worked as a detective investigating violent crimes. She is determined to return one day to help take back your streets.

“She is fully committed to returning to her job,” the husband said. “She does not see that this would sway her from her commitment to Cleveland.”

Cleveland police organized an escort for Ashley when her flight home landed.

Anyone who wants to help his family can do so here. You can also contribute to the Meal Train here.

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