Christian Horner’s first title winner banned after ‘1000%’ over drug limit: PlanetF1

Christian Horner’s first title winner banned after ‘1000%’ over drug limit: PlanetF1

Christian Horner’s first taste of success was taken away from him when his driver Tomasz Enge tested 1000% over the drug limit.

After his driving career ended, Horner began managing in Formula 3000 and without the budget that Red Bull provides him these days, Horner had to think outside the box to have a chance at success.

This outside-the-box thinking led to the appointment of Enge who had just completed three races in the 2001 Formula 1 Championship.

Christian Horner reveals that the title winner failed a drug test

Enge proved successful, winning three races, including one at the Red Bull Ring, but his title was derailed after the tenth round at the Hungaroring.

The Czech driver failed a drug test and had his winning time deleted, costing him the points he needed to win the title.

“We were not (the most funded team) and in 2002 we were at the limit,” he told the Eff Won podcast with DRS. “But I thought you know what if it’s bad or it’s a failure, I’ve got to put a driver in that can win it.

“Of course, the good guys never have any money, so there was a Czech driver outside of Formula 1, who won the championship that year.

“He beat drivers like Sebastien Bourdais who came here and then got disqualified for a drug test. 1,000% over the legal drug limit. recommends

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You might expect a racing driver caught using drugs to be taking something to enhance their senses, but it was the opposite for Angie as he tested positive for marijuana.

I spoke to his manager and said: Look, we have a little problem. Horner recalls that he tested positive for drugs. “And his manager said well, he must have sniffed it. He was at the club or something.”

“Anyway, he had three of his employees sit in a room while three others blew smoke on them and then went to take the test.

“Other than their eye pain, they didn’t even register. So it turns out the guy was taking medication for some back spasms from a big accident he had in Japan and he had a Czech trainer who was giving him these pills. He’d been on it for years.”

Although it was disappointing for Enge, at least the Horner Arden team won the constructors’ title.

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