Chemistry enjoyed this science session at Nehru Science Centre

Chemistry enjoyed this science session at Nehru Science Centre

Sign up for these fun science sessions for kids at this SoBo venue to celebrate ongoing Chemistry Week

Children attend a science workshop at the Nehru Science Centre

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Marking the beginning of Chemistry Week (November 5 to 11), Nehru Science Center has planned to hold a slew of sessions for those who are curious about the science stream. From quizzes, demos, DIY sessions and lectures taking place online and on the centre’s campus, the events will continue until November 11.

The week also marks another important occasion for the institution, as the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai celebrates its 38th anniversary on November 11. The center opened its doors to the public in 1985. “We are excited about both the events and the anniversary. Chemistry is an important field when it comes to science. If you listen to great chemists, they have always said that chemistry is the science of matter, and that it is also an important science. So, “We focus on how the subject has evolved over several years and has facilitated many new branches,” says Umesh Kumar Rustagi, director of the Nehru Science Centre. He adds that the center would like to encourage budding young scientists to explore the field, its offerings, and how chemistry can be Enjoyable, professions related to this scientific stream, etc. “In the end, it’s all about having fun while studying or working,” Rustagi points out.

Umesh Kumar Rustagi

The director also notes that the center expects thousands of visitors during the week, and people who cannot visit in person are expected to join the site online. He hopes that by the end of the week-long event, participants will be more aware of the problems the world faces due to global warming, climate change and environmental change, and how chemistry can play a role in finding solutions. For such issues. “This event is not only for students, but for everyone of different age groups who is keen to learn more about chemistry,” he adds.

Sessions range from do-it-yourself chemistry for 6th to 9th grade students (with hands-on experience for students to conduct experiments); Online chemistry workshop for students in grades 6-10; Chemistry Demonstration (with experiments highlighting colorful chemistry, acid-base reactivity, oxidation reduction, reactivity, and more); Open House Competition; To a popular online science lecture (about how chemistry makes the world a better place). The series of events will be implemented by the center’s education management staff, led by education officials, assistants and trainees.

“School students will have the opportunity to learn about new subjects available in this stream of science, and a variety of ongoing research, on sustainable development, the basic needs of the emerging world, the functions of green chemistry, and the role of scientists in helping the planet. The director reveals how sustainability and development can go hand in hand Side by side and more.

Until: November 11; 11 am onwards
Address: Nehru Science Centre, Worli; And online
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