Charlie Cowell’s phrase is “on the same page” as the chemistry continues to build

Charlie Cowell’s phrase is “on the same page” as the chemistry continues to build

BOSTON – The Bruins have something special with the line of Charlie Coyle, Trent Frederic and James van Riemsdyk.

The trio notched eight points — highlighted by Coyle’s hat trick — in Thursday’s 5-2 win over the New York Islanders at TD Garden. Boston coach Jim Montgomery has not been shy when it comes to switching up his lines, and has separated Frederic and Coyle several times this season.

But when he keeps them together, good things happen. They have built obvious chemistry. Van Riemsdyk made some great passes to find Coyle, and Frederik continues to play his best hockey alongside Coyle.

“I think we’re on the same page in terms of our strengths as players and how we want to try to play,” van Riemsdyk said. “So, it’s one of those things where I think we see each other well and we kind of understand what other people are trying to do to support the puck and get open. When I’m out there I feel very comfortable knowing where they’re going to be and where they’re going to play just because I think we read each other so well.”

“Those guys – I love playing with them. I’ve always loved playing with Freddie. We’ve had a few years now,” Coyle said after the game. “But JVR is a guy that’s very easy to identify with in his game, and they both were really good tonight even from the start. “

Although he played a big role in the win and moved the Bruins to a league-best 11-1-1 record, Coyle knows it’s “always a work in progress” when it comes to building chemistry.

“Sometimes, you have games where you fall in love a little bit more and you get a little bit more rewarded. “But we seem to have had some good games where you don’t get a big reward but you play the right way and you do the right things, and you’re just a top laner for your team,” Coyle said. “So that’s our kind of focus and we want more games like this, of course where we contribute, but as long as we get our chances and don’t waste too many of them,” he said. This is us doing our job and eventually falling in love like we did tonight.

Van Riemsyk has been a great addition to the Bruins as well, and has adjusted easily to his new team. He found open-minded teammates, scored great goals and became an influential player in matches. The 34-year-old has also had some impressive plays in his first 13 games.

“He has that in his arsenal, no problem,” Coyle said. “And he’s just ready to make plays with the puck when he gets like that on those plays. Whether it’s a forehand or a backhand, he can do it and he played some great plays tonight.

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