Charges can be dropped in a motorcycle accident at a memorial ride

Charges can be dropped in a motorcycle accident at a memorial ride

Charges may be dropped in motorcycle accident at Memorial Ride – Youngstown-Warren Ohio Weather and Sports News

Charges can be dropped in a motorcycle accident at a memorial ride


Months after serious charges were filed in a June motorcycle crash, they can now be dismissed without a hearing.

The family of Patrice Haggerty is demanding justice nine months after she was involved in a car accident.

“Of course, it won’t bring my mother back, but at least do something and show that my mother matters,” said Carla Paris, Patricia’s daughter.

On June 25, 2023, Patricia, her husband, Harold Haggerty, and her boyfriend, Paul Hallfelder, were all riding on the Teddy Fultz Memorial Ride. While traveling northbound on Route 616, a vehicle turned left into oncoming lanes of traffic. Two motorcycles with the Haggerty family and Hafelder on board swerved so as not to hit the car and crashed on the side of the road. All three were seriously injured and Patricia died four months after the accident.

“Patty’s life was definitely a result of this incident, so I think some type of charge should arise from that,” said Cheyenne Parris, Patricia’s daughter-in-law.

The driver of the vehicle, Gloria Dothard, was originally charged with a minor traffic violation. This was later increased to two counts of assault for Paul and Harold’s injuries. But these charges can be dropped.

Campbell Law’s current director, Lambrini Matthews, said her office does not have the authority to pursue charges unless they are signed off by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, which investigated the crash. Matthews said she was told OSP did not feel the charges were appropriate.

21 News reached out to OSP as to why he did not sign as a complaint witness.

“The Ohio State Highway Patrol has completed a comprehensive investigation into the accident that occurred on SR-616 in the Town of Coatesville on 6/25/23. All applicable charges arising from this accident have been filed with the Prosecutor’s Office in Campbell Municipal Court,” Sergeant Bridget Matt He said in a statement.

“We don’t have answers, no one has answers… I feel like it could be investigated a little bit more. Before looking at the police report, it seemed a little careless,” Cheyenne said. “Everyone who made a mistake or partially made a mistake should be held accountable. “

Carla said it was disappointing not to press charges.

“My mum and I were very close. I miss her every day,” Carla said. “It’s not something that can be fixed but I feel like someone should be held accountable.”

Back in October of 2023, Campbell’s former legal director, Brian McCalla, declined to press charges against Dothard for Patricia’s injuries. McCalla told 21 News he is awaiting an official ruling on Patricia’s cause of death.

“I wouldn’t hold the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office on that, but on some charges that could be related to manslaughter or otherwise,” McCalla said about what charges could be brought if the death certificate ruled Patricia died from her injuries from the accident. Collision.

21 News reached out to the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office to see if any such charges have been filed since October.

“It is my understanding that multiple assault charges are currently pending against Ms. Dothard in Campbell Municipal Court,” Mahoning County Prosecutor Gina DiGenova said in a statement. “…My office has not been contacted regarding this matter. If information is provided to us by Campbell regarding this incident, we will review it at that time.”

“No one should walk away from this and not get anything out of it because it could have been prevented,” Carla said. “Accountability to me is that everyone involved in this is held to the maximum extent that can be charged.”

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