Brutus Beefcake details the infamous sailing accident that shattered his face

Brutus Beefcake details the infamous sailing accident that shattered his face

Brutus Beefcake remembers the incident that nearly derailed his career.

Latest episode of The dark side of the ring It highlighted the life and career of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, who once suffered a career-threatening facial injury in 1990 that sidelined him for nearly two years. The incident occurred on July 4 when Beefcake wanted to party all day in Lutz, Florida, on his day off.

“We were paragliding for hours,” Beefcake said. “A lot of people had had near-disasters, so we were just thanking our lucky stars that no one got hurt doing the parasailing today, and we were done. Then Brian Blair, the killer bee, and his friends, a couple of guys, came along and wanted to parasail.

Blair remembered that paragliding didn’t seem like a safe activity, but his friend Tracy really wanted to.

Beefcake continued, “Mike was like, ‘No, no, we’re done,’ and they wouldn’t back down. He finally said, ‘Okay, okay.’ But at that time, there’s no wind to move the parachute. So I’m in the shallow water here trying to “To have people sitting out there on the grass. We got everyone ready to go. Mike just said, ‘Fuck, I’m going,’ and just took off.”

Blair remembers that Beefcake dropped his hand and turned around, putting him directly in Tracy’s flight path. Tracy saw that she wasn’t getting enough air, so she pulled her knees in to try and clear Beefcake’s face. However, everything happened so quickly that no one had time to scream.

“Everything I worked for is gone.”

“It hit me so bad that I was pulled out of the water, doing what’s called a gainer where your feet go up above your head first and then come back down,” Beefcake said. “Thank God I wasn’t kicked out. I’m down there (with my hands in my face) trying to pull myself together. I can’t see anything, I can’t breathe. And no one has any idea that I’m mortally wounded.

Blair ran to check on him and discovered that Beefcake’s entire face had been smashed to the point that Beefcake was trying to lift his upper jaw up in order to speak.

“I didn’t know anyone could get hurt that much and still survive,” Beefcake admitted. “They brought me into the emergency room, took my blood pressure, and realized it was 200 out of 100 or something. Next thing you know, they’re screaming, ‘Code blue!’ Code red! Code purple!’ Finally, they x-rayed my head and realized my face was gone, and they had no idea what to do.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Moataz Habal performed surgery on Beefcake and couldn’t believe that someone of that size managed to break his entire face. But after 16 hours in the operating room, Beefcake’s face was reconstructed. The surgeon had to make an incision from ear to ear across the top of the head and then ensure that the eyes, nose and teeth were able to return to position.

As a result, Beefcake was placed in a drug-induced coma for two days to monitor his progress.

“I can’t see, I can’t talk,” the Hall of Famer concluded, “Everything I worked for for 20 years is gone and won’t come back.”

Beefcake officially returned to the ring in 1993 and continued his wrestling career until his final match in 2015.

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