Bright Communications LLC announces the launch of the Bright Communications | Valley notebook

Bright Communications LLC announces the launch of the Bright Communications |  Valley notebook

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The first book publishing franchise opportunity in the United States

Hellertown, Pennsylvania (November 9, 2023) – Bright Communications LLC, a veteran-owned independent publishing company in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, announces the launch of the Bright Communications franchise – the first book publishing franchise in the United States!

“People who love helping people, working with words and books can now become Bright Communications franchisees – and be in the publishing business to themselves, no by “Themselves,” said founder and CEO of Bright Communications LLC Jennifer Bright.

This innovative franchise opportunity gives franchisees the opportunity to:

  • Join one of the lowest cost franchises to start up in the industry.
  • Work with Bright Communications’ team of trained editorial and design professionals – without having to find, hire and train staff.
  • Focus on finding authors, editing books, and project management, while Bright Communications supports them with billing, training, and an efficient process.
  • Use their experience and expertise to help others achieve their publishing dreams.
  • They run their own businesses from their homes – or wherever they prefer.

“Franchisors will use our software and processes, collaborate with our team and talent, and leverage our brand and support to create their own integrated publishing companies,” Bright added. “The franchise-based independent publishing model will revolutionize the publishing industry – and we look forward to making history!”

Additionally, a $500 bonus is available to anyone who connects Bright Communications Franchising with someone who franchises with the company.

Learn about the Bright Communications franchise here:

Prospective franchisees are encouraged to get in touch Pam Bartlett At

About Bright Communications LLC

Bright Communications LLC is an independent, veteran-owned publishing company in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Bright founded Bright Communications LLC in 2004, driven by her love of books and helping people.

Over the years, the company has grown from a small, one-woman-headed company providing editorial services for other publishing companies to a robust organization that employs more than 25 freelance professionals and publishes more than 35 books a year in most book categories, including fiction, health, and books. Inspiration, parenting, memoir, and children’s books.

Their efficient process takes authors from idea all the way to finished books.

They create print editions, e-books, and audiobooks, and their books are available everywhere books are sold.

Their passion is helping authors bring their books to life. We make publishing easy and fun!

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