Brazilian Grand Prix replay ‘rules flaw revealed’ · F1 · RaceFans

Brazilian Grand Prix replay ‘rules flaw revealed’ · F1 · RaceFans

Daniel Ricciardo is frustrated that he was not allowed to join the first lap when the Brazilian Grand Prix resumed.

The AlphaTauri driver fell into a lap when he had to make repairs after sustaining damage at the start of today’s race. On the next lap the race was red flagged and the rest of the field entered.

This meant that when the race resumed, Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri, who pitted at the same time as him, resumed a lap behind the other drivers.

“I think firstly it exposed a flaw or something in the rules because I didn’t feel like we did a race lap at all and then we actually start the race with one lap,” Ricciardo said. “Oscar and I fell victim that day.

“Well, it’s two of us today, but if 15 cars got damaged and had to do what we did, would they start the race with 15 cars per lap? I don’t think so. So I think they need to be a little more open. So that was frustrating.” ”

Ricciardo’s car was damaged when his rear wing hit a blown tire during a collision between Alexander Albon and Kevin Magnussen.

“I was at the back, so very early on I saw smoke and debris and chaos and then I remember seeing a wheel, I think a tire came off the rim, kind of like a Frisbee in the air and it started getting closer. My instinct was to get my head down.

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“I didn’t feel anything hitting me, so I said ‘OK, great’. After the first turn, I checked the mirrors and saw that the rear wing was damaged. So I thought the tire got on the wing.

He hoped to save his race after the red flags appeared. “We got the news that this was a red flag so hopefully the team can fix it and they did a great job. Again, we were ready to go on time, but then they told us we were late. So it’s really frustrating.”

His frustration was exacerbated by the performance his car was showing. Ricciardo’s teammate Yuki Tsunoda finished ninth.

“I want to say that we were exceptionally fast today. We couldn’t always show it because we were at a late stage and we had to play a team game of course, not to get in the way of Yuki’s racing or even the other cars around us.

“But the times when we had some fresh air, especially towards the end, there were a few laps where I was able to show my speed and… frustratingly quickly. So I feel for the team.

“Me, my championship, I’m not in the hunt for the championship but I’m here to help the team get seventh in the championship and I felt like I could have made a huge contribution today so it’s a shame that the rules are written the way they are at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be any flexibility.

Ricciardo believes the AlphaTauri team “could have gained a lot of points” had it been allowed to return to the lead lap. “I don’t want to be a story of ‘could have been, should have been’ but at least at a fast pace. I think our speed speaks, I hope, to the volume we were able to move across the pitch well.”

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