Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix live updates: Verstappen, Norris and Alonso take podium finishes

Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix live updates: Verstappen, Norris and Alonso take podium finishes

The racing at Interlagos this weekend was really exciting.

Patrick Iversen, Alex Davies and others

Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix live updates: Verstappen, Norris and Alonso take podium finishes

(Nelson Almeida/AFP via Getty Images)

Verstappen wins at Interlagos

Max Verstappen won the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, a race that saw only 14 drivers finish. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Charles Leclerc, who was scheduled to start on the front row, “lost steering and engine power in the formation lap”, causing him to crash into the barriers. Only 19 cars started the Grand Prix, but they were quickly red-flagged after chaos broke out.
  • Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen and Alex Albon collided at the start, sending the latter two off the track and hitting the back of Oscar Piastri in the process. A tire came off the car and hit Daniel Ricciardo.
  • A late battle broke out between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Pérez and continued until the race ended. Only 0.053 seconds separated them, ensuring the Aston Martin driver secured the last place on the podium.
  • The battles for second, fourth and seventh place in the constructors’ standings intensified. George Russell retired, and Carlos Sainz (who reported in the closing laps that he had not had a downshift) finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Aston Martin duo Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll secured a decisive points tally of 25 points, narrowing McLaren’s lead despite Lando Norris taking the podium. Yuki Tsunoda took the deciding points while Logan Sargeant sat outside the points in P11.

That was the end

My husband and dog came to check on me after hearing the screaming. Pat’s dog became nervous and fell on his laptop. “I think it took a few months to a year off my life,” Madeleine says.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Alonso returns!

Fernando Alonso, take a bow. He’s back in third place!!

Perez gets Alonso!

Finally, Perez is in the lead! Nice dive on the inside at the first turn after getting a little closer. Alonso is not backing down but that could clinch a double podium finish for Red Bull. Beautiful transcendence.

Alonso is using all his experience

Some really smart defending from Alonso to keep Perez at bay for now. Eight more laps to hold on and score Aston Martin’s second podium finish since Canada.

10 laps remaining

A lot of the positions are pretty much up for grabs, but the Alonso-Pérez battle for third is intense.

Russell retires

Due to “polyurethane oil overheating and aggravation. Risk of imminent failure.”

Another driver fell, and this confirms the difficulty of Mercedes’ day at Interlagos.

Will McLaren keep Norris out of the championship for long?

Verstappen’s stop first gave Norris and McLaren their position on the track. I wonder if they could go to a Hail Mary and keep him out as long as possible and hopefully get a safety car or a red flag or something.

There’s nothing to lose after a few longer laps.

Luke’s shot at validation

A reminder that in our midseason predictions ratings, Luke doubled down on his pick of Stroll for the surprise podium spot, saying:

“The choice of an Aston Martin to take the podium shouldn’t really come as a surprise, given what we’ve seen in the first part of the season. Stroll has struggled to match Alonso’s performance across the garage, but I’ll double down on my efforts saying he’ll have a top three finish under his belt before the season is over. “


Evaluating our Formula 1 predictions for 2023: Double-ups and mid-season speculation

There goes Lance Stroll

(Dan Estetini – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

He’s usually at the bottom of the standings, but Lance Stroll had a great race today. Stroll still needs to pit again, but he is third for Aston Martin at the moment, fifth behind Alonso and Perez at this rate. Good drive from the Canadian. This will be his first top five since Australia.

No, Louis, you shouldn’t have resorted to the steel frame

Hamilton wasn’t too happy with the tires out there, but the hard tires are completely useless in terms of grip or speed. No one has come close to them since the installation was run at the beginning of FP1. He has roughly the equivalent of sprint laps to complete on these soft shoes, which means there will be management to the finish, but he’ll still fare much better.

Why didn’t Riccardo and Piastri retire?

(Clive Mason – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Neither car was on the lead lap, and points are a far-fetched idea for both drivers. So why not retire cars and keep the components from wearing out? There are two reasons: they can return to the lead lap with the safety car, and there is still useful data they can provide to their teammates racing for the next points. For example, Piastri was sharing tire wear information with the McLaren team in which his teammate Lando Norris finished second. There is no doubt that Ricciardo was doing the same with Yuki Tsunoda, who led in the points.

A tough day for Mercedes

Both drivers struggled in a race in which Leclerc’s failure on the formation lap provided an opportunity to widen the gap with Ferrari in the constructors’ standings. Hamilton is P7, Russell is P10, while Sainz is P6.

Risk reminder

As the season winds down – we only have two races left after today’s Grand Prix – the four teams at the bottom of the grid are competing for places. Every position up or down the ladder means millions of dollars won or lost, which are valuable resources for these teams. Here is their position now:

Williams: 28

AlphaTauri: 16

Alfa Romeo: 16

Haas: 12

The day looked like an opportunity for the bottom three to jump on Williams as Alex Albon crashed amid a chaotic start, but each had their own kind of chaos to deal with: Haas’ Magnussen crashed with Albon, and AlphaTauri’s Ricciardo overcame damage that left him a full lap behind at Restart, and Alfa Romeo withdrew its two cars from service.

So, don’t expect this arrangement to look very different when the checkered flag appears.

And then there were 15

With Bottas out, we were down to 15 runners and only 13 on the first lap. Ricciardo and Piastri remain on the lap.

A good opportunity for the likes of Tsunoda, Sargeant or Ocon to try to sneak in a point if more chaos arises.

Bottas retires

This means the exit of Alfa Romeo, and less chance for a team competing at the bottom of the standings to move forward.

Sargent on p. 12

The American rookie is about to take the points, but Tsunoda just passed him.

Some purple for Americans

The rookie posted the fastest times on the first two sectors of the track, but still has no time in the top four.

Cho retires due to a “technical problem that requires investigation”

We will scream when/if we learn more.

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