Best Truck Accident Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee 2023 – Forbes Advisor

Best Truck Accident Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee 2023 – Forbes Advisor

Truck accidents often lead to chaotic and devastating consequences. It only takes one negligent action or mechanical failure by a truck driver to cause life-altering injuries to the occupants of small vehicles.

While you may rightfully expect the responsible parties, including the truck driver and employer, to cover your medical bills and compensate you for the numerous losses resulting from the accident, obtaining adequate compensation from their insurance companies is not easy. These companies usually have powerful legal teams that may try to shift most of the blame on you or try to pressure you into agreeing to meager settlements.

A Tennessee truck accident lawyer can be instrumental in ensuring that you are not deceived in serving the best interests of the insurance companies. Besides, the lawyer will also simplify the process of securing the compensation you deserve.

Here are some specific ways they can help:

Investigate and collect evidence. Truck accidents can leave a messy aftermath, making it difficult for authorities to pinpoint the exact cause. Your attorney will immediately begin gathering the crucial evidence needed to understand and explain how the accident occurred and who is responsible. They may:

  • Collect photos or videos of the accident scene, damage, and injuries
  • Obtain a police report with details of the accident
  • Collect and save medical records and treatment schedules to prove your injuries
  • Request truck black box data to analyze factors such as speed, operating hours, driving patterns and potential engine malfunctions
  • Audit your trucking company’s safety policies for violations
  • Eyewitness interview
  • Consult with accident reconstructionists, toxicologists, medical experts and other specialists to strengthen your case.

Identify all potential defendants. In truck accidents, multiple parties may be at fault and liable for your losses. While the truck driver’s negligence may have caused the collision, other entities could share responsibility for your damages as well. Your attorney will review the evidence to identify all possible defendants. This may include the truck, driver, truck manufacturer, trucking company, freight loading company, auto repair and maintenance service, and others.

Calculate the value of your case. Compensation can be recovered for various types of losses after a truck collision, such as medical expenses, lost income, future earning capacity, vehicle repair costs, scarring, disability, and pain and suffering. Your attorney will use evidence to explain how the accident affected your life and determine each loss. They will then determine the total value of your case, which will be followed up with the insurance company through a demand letter and negotiations.

Negotiating with insurance. Initial settlement offers from insurance companies tend to be far less than the true value of your case. Your attorney will skillfully counter any attempts by insurance companies to reduce your compensation and will negotiate with them to award a fair settlement.

Representing you at trial. In cases where settlement negotiations do not produce a satisfactory outcome, your attorney will take your truck accident case to court and represent you in court. Sometimes the mere involvement of an attorney can put pressure on insurance companies to offer a fair settlement before trial begins.

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