Bearsden residents warn of ‘accident waiting to happen’

Bearsden residents warn of ‘accident waiting to happen’

Appeals are being made for safety measures to be put in place on Beauclair Road, where there is currently a 30mph speed limit.

However, data from on-road tests conducted between 2019 and 2023 showed that during a single 24-hour period, more than 91% of eastbound cars were clocked at speeds of more than 30 mph.

One car was clocked at over 100 mph and seven other drivers traveled at speeds between 95-100 mph.

Andrew Macfarlane, who lives nearby, accused the local authority of “turning a blind eye to routine speeding”.

Glasgow Times: Andrew MacfarlaneAndrew Macfarlane (Photo: Gordon Terris)“It’s an accident waiting to happen,” the 36-year-old said.

“The speed at which the cars are going is absolutely terrible. It has been a constant problem.

“It’s an area with a lot of kids who ride their bikes and walk to school. However, almost all the cars and heavy vehicles that pass through are over the limit, well over the limit.

“Add to that the junction on the Ardoch Road where visibility is so poor, where going out slowly is really dangerous. With cars going at over 90mph, you’re a sitting duck.”

Mark Stephenson, another local resident, raised concerns about the Ardoch Road intersection.

The 44-year-old said: “When I pulled into Beauclair Road, I lost count of the times I almost got hit by cars traveling at over the speed limit.

“Since it now runs to the back of many new homes, something urgently needs to be done to combat drivers exceeding the permitted limit.

“Young children playing in those parks are at extreme risk if a car goes off the road. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen.”

The speed data was obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made by Andrew earlier this year.

As part of this, East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) confirmed that no action had been taken based on the findings, and no discussions had been raised in the council chamber.

Glasgow Times: Andrew added: “We thought it was bad, but the results were more terrifying than we thought.

“The council spends taxpayers’ money to do every test and analyze the results. You have to wonder what would have to happen for someone to pay attention.”

Cathel McGlashan, who also lives nearby, said safety measures “need to be in place now” to reduce speeds before anyone is seriously hurt.

He added: “The speed at which these vehicles are traveling is terrifying.” We hear them a lot from home but were shocked when we saw the data. “Questions need to be asked about why nothing is being done about it.”

In the most recent speed test in September 2023, more than 86% of cars heading east were recorded as speeding over 30 mph.

Nicky Taylor, a local cyclist and father of two, revealed he wouldn’t even consider cycling with his children on or near the road.

He added: “Walking along Beauclair Road with children can be really dangerous, as cars and trucks are close to the pavement and rarely travel at less than 30mph.

“And I wouldn’t even think about riding a bike with them here, which is unfortunate.”

Anne Davey, Chief Executive of East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The automatic traffic surveys mentioned under this freedom of information use the pressure of vehicles crossing pneumatic tubes, which have been laid across the relevant road.

“This provides an estimate of speed, direction and class. Data reported about individual vehicle speed can contain errors. Due to this, average speed is reported as this is a more robust figure.

“We will continue to liaise with Police Scotland, share the results of traffic surveys with them, and provide assistance where needed.”

Glasgow Times: Average speeds were recorded at 38.4mph at 7am, 36.1mph at 5pm, and 37.9mph at 10pm on Friday, September 8, 2023.

Meanwhile, the next day, the average speed at 7 a.m. was 41.6 mph.

This dropped to 38mph at 5pm and 36.2mph at 10pm.

Earlier this month, we reported that thousands of people were calling for road safety improvements in the East Dunbartonshire town after a cyclist was killed on 18 March.

Residents held a silent vigil a week after a lorry collided with Una Brandreth, 56, near a nursery on Manse Road.

This tragedy is the third serious traffic accident in the region in just over a week, which has raised calls for safety measures.

More than 2,000 people have signed a petition calling on the local authority to “take action and fully commit to making our streets and roads safer”.

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