Baltimore bridge collapse: At least six people missing as Biden laments ‘horrific accident’ | Baltimore bridge collapse

Baltimore bridge collapse: At least six people missing as Biden laments ‘horrific accident’ |  Baltimore bridge collapse

Frantic search and rescue efforts continued Tuesday hours after the accident A major bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed when a container ship collided with it early in the morning, sending several vehicles into the water.

At least six people are still missing after reports that a 948-foot Singapore-flagged container ship leaving the port on its way to Sri Lanka collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore Fire Department officials said.

Report from Baltimore banner He added that the missing men are construction workers from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico who are in their 30s and 40s, and have spouses and children.

Officials added that up to 20 people and several vehicles fell into the river, and declared what happened a “mass casualty incident.”

video Published on X The ship apparently struck one of the bridge’s central supports, causing a large section of the 2.6-kilometre-long bridge to collapse, with a number of vehicles falling into the Patapsco River below.

Joe Biden addressed the bridge collapse in a news conference around midday, saying all indications were that it was a “horrific accident” and not an “intentional act.”

The president also said he was thinking of those who remained missing amid search and rescue efforts around the bridge, a major traffic artery whose destruction is also expected to disrupt travel for months in a city of more than 575,000 people.

“We are with you. We will stay with you as long as it takes,” Biden said, adding that he intends to travel to Baltimore as soon as possible. “You’re a tough Marylander. You are Baltimore strong.

Biden says – Video: The American government will pay the costs of rebuilding the Baltimore Bridge

Officials said the ship issued a mayday because it had veered off course and appeared to have lost power, which Baltimore officials said allowed them to prevent more vehicles from boarding the bridge. The ship appeared to catch fire when part of the bridge collapsed above it, sending columns of thick black smoke into the air.

Officials said in a pre-dawn press conference that two people had been rescued, one of whom was “seriously” injured and in critical condition. There were reports that workers were on the bridge engaged in basic road maintenance when the collision occurred.

The temperature in the river reached about 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) in the early hours of Tuesday, according to a buoy collecting data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

From a vantage point near the bridge’s entrance, the jagged remains of its steel frame jutted out of the water, with the ramp ending abruptly where the span once began.

“All lanes are closed in both directions due to the accident on the I-695 Key Bridge. “Traffic is being diverted,” the Maryland Transportation Authority posted on X. “I-695 Key Bridge collapse due to a vessel strike. He added later.

Bridge locator

Kevin Cartwright, communications director for the Baltimore Fire Department, said 911 calls came in around 1:30 a.m. to report that a ship heading from Baltimore had struck a pillar on the bridge, causing it to collapse. There were several vehicles on the bridge at the time, including one the size of a tractor trailer.

“Our focus now is trying to rescue and recover these people,” Cartwright said. He added that it was too early to know how many people were affected, but described the collapse as a “developing event that causes mass casualties.”

Cartwright said there appeared to be “some cargo or barriers” that appeared to be dangling from the bridge, creating unsafe and unstable conditions that complicated the rescue. “This is a serious emergency,” he added.

Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew West in Baltimore told the New York Times that the Coast Guard received a report of a collision at 1:27 a.m. Eastern time. The Daly, a 948-foot (290-meter) Singapore-flagged cargo ship, collided with the bridge, which is part of Interstate 695, West said.

Before and after the collapse of the Baltimore Main Bridge – video

The Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore (MPA) confirmed that the ship was registered in Singapore and said the agency was coordinating with the US Coast Guard and the ship’s management company to assist. She also said she would investigate the incident itself.

Singapore said there were 22 crew members on board the plane at the time of the accident.

Shipping company Maersk said it had chartered the container ship in Baltimore, with the operator named Synergy Marine Group. Maersk confirmed that there were 22 crew members, and said they were all Indians. None of them were Maersk crew or personnel.

She added that there are 4,679 containers on board, nearly half of its capacity of 10,000 containers.

“We are horrified by what happened in Baltimore, and our thoughts are with everyone affected,” the company said in a statement.

Daly had left Baltimore at 1 a.m. and was headed to the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, according to maritime data platform MarineTraffic. Synergy Marine Group, Daly’s manager, confirmed that the ship collided with one of the bridge’s pillars. She added that all crew members, including the two pilots, were identified, and no injuries were reported.

She added: “Although the exact cause of the accident has not yet been determined, Daly has now mobilized a qualified individual incident response service.”

The same ship was also involved in a collision in 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium, according to Vessel Finder and maritime accident archive Shipwrecklog.

Baltimore: Footage emerges of a ship involved in a collision in Belgium in 2016 – video

Her bow reportedly struck the side of the dock as she was leaving port, severely damaging several meters of the ship’s hull, and she was then reportedly detained by authorities.

According to Vessel Finder, the weather was good at the time and the accident was blamed on the ship’s captain and the pilot on board. There were reportedly no casualties.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott called Tuesday’s collision an “unimaginable tragedy” in a news conference held at dawn in Baltimore. He added, “You would never imagine” seeing the bridge collapse. “It looked like something out of an action movie.”

Asked how long it would take to rebuild the bridge, he said: “The discussion now has to be about the people, the lives, the spirits… we’re talking about it.”

He and County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. said emergency personnel were at the scene and rescue efforts were underway.

The officials added that “there is absolutely no indication that there was any terrorist act or that this was done intentionally.”

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said in a statement that he had declared a state of emergency.

He said the ship lost power around the time the freighter hit the Key Bridge, and the crew issued a “mayday” call. Officials were able to slow the flow of traffic and prevent more vehicles from falling into the water, Moore said.

“These people are heroes. They saved lives last night,” Moore said, adding that Baltimore was working with an interagency government team to quickly deploy federal resources from the Biden administration.

Moore added that the bridge was “fully up to code” before Tuesday’s accident and that rebuilding the bridge will be a long-term effort.

Baltimore Main Bridge Collapse: Daly’s Ship Movements in the Lead-up to the Attack – Video Analysis

The White House said in a statement that it was “closely monitoring” events. She added, “The US Coast Guard is conducting search and rescue operations for those who are still missing as a result of the bridge collapse.” “Senior White House officials are in contact with the governor and mayor to provide any federal assistance they need. “There is no indication of any malicious intent.”

She added that “our hearts break” for the victims and families of what she called a “horrific accident.”

Built in 1977, the bridge spans the Patapsco River, a vital artery that, along with the Port of Baltimore, is a shipping hub on the East Coast of the United States. It is named after the author of the American national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.

Gloria Oladipo, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report

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