Ballard community remains optimistic about teen injured in rollover accident | News

Ballard community remains optimistic about teen injured in rollover accident |  News

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. – Support, prayer and hope is what mother Kenna Bodell says is helping her family stay strong.

17-year-old Kenna, a senior, is one of five students at Ballard Memorial High School who were seriously injured Car accident Oct. 16, where she was a passenger.

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Three of the five students involved were reportedly ejected from the vehicle when it ran off the road and flipped several times, traveling a total distance of 186 feet.

GCSO identified the driver as 16-year-old Honor Bellmire of Wickliffe, Kentucky. The other occupants were 14-year-old Cole Morgan from Barlow. 25-year-old Serenity Owens of LaCenter; and 14-year-old Jared Judd from Wickliffe.

Bodell and Owens were taken to a Nashville area hospital to be treated for life-threatening injuries. Judd was taken to Baptist Health in Paducah by ambulance and later transferred to a Nashville hospital.

Four of the students have since returned home, but Kenna remains hospitalized in Nashville, in a coma.

Kenna’s mother, Tera, told reporters in a phone call on Friday that Kenna was breathing on her own without the help of a ventilator. It’s progress, but Terra says they’re cautious.

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“Kenna is an amazing kid. I mean, she’s so loved and loved. Just a good kid,” Tera said.

Describing the night of the accident, Tera said: “The trauma doctor came and made me realize that this was not simple. It was much more serious, very dangerous. He told us that this was life or death.” She has been by her daughter’s side every day since.

“This is not something I can fix. This is not a cold or a stomach bug or something a mother can nurse her child through,” she said.

Before the accident, Kenna played volleyball at Ballard Memorial High and the West Kentucky Volleyball Club. Tera said Kenna was on the volleyball court, praying to see her daughter on that court again. But for now, she relies on her faith and community.

“As a mother, you know that her family loves her, you know that her church family loves her, she knows her team. And it’s absolutely amazing that the schools, all the different schools, all the students, all the little kids that realize how important it is to cry out to God,” she said.

According to Tera, Belmer has been out of the hospital since the accident. Jude and Morgan return to school. Owens is recovering at home in a wheelchair from an ankle injury.

A prayer vigil for Kenna will be held on November 4 at 5pm in Ballard County at LaCenter City Park. Donations will be accepted for the family to help pay for expenses not covered by insurance.

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