At least 4 people have been killed in pedestrian accidents along the highway in Camden County

At least 4 people have been killed in pedestrian accidents along the highway in Camden County

A deadly case in a small South Jersey town, where at least four people have been injured and killed along a stretch of White Horse Pike, in the town of Waterford since November.

The latest accident involving a pedestrian was struck on White Horse Pike in the town of Waterford, in Camden County, Thursday evening, around 6:15, in front of Steve Henderson’s tattoo shop. A 59-year-old Atco woman was seriously injured along the stretch of road.

This comes after four pedestrians were killed since Thanksgiving. The first of the four pedestrians was killed in front of Henderson’s store where there is a small memorial of crosses and flowers.

Officials say a Waterford Police officer on duty in a marked patrol car was the one who struck and killed a 44-year-old Berlin man walking along White Horse Pike at about 2:15 a.m. Thanksgiving.

“I was sitting at my desk and I heard all the sirens and then I saw flashing lights in front of my store,” Henderson commented about Thursday night’s incident. “Walking across the streets here, it’s pretty bad. There’s really no sidewalk. They have to either walk on the shoulder or on the corporate lawn,” he added.

“It’s not surprising. It’s very dark in here and it’s a very busy area. It’s a real danger all the time,” said Amanda Reese, an employee at the Henderson store.

FOX 29’s Steve Kelly witnessed people wearing dark clothing walking along the mostly dark road.

The most serious of the four fatal accidents occurred in front of the Atco Hotel on December 29. Two juveniles were killed and a third person accompanying them was seriously injured. Even Henderson’s tattoo shop was a victim in a recent crash, in which the shop’s sign was taken down.

One customer at the store, Lori Finlayson, described the road: “It’s really scary. People aren’t paying attention. They’re driving too fast through this area.”

Waterford Police said all incidents over the past 10 weeks are under investigation, and no charges have been laid in any of them. Because an on-duty officer’s vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian on Thanksgiving, it is standard procedure for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office to investigate this incident.

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