Art and science merge at the new Chinatown Gallery

Art and science merge at the new Chinatown Gallery

Beth Lenz
Beth Lenz organized and curated the exhibition.

university Hawaii at Manoa Sea Grant College Program (Hawaii Sea Grant) opened its second annual science art exhibition on November 3 at the Arts At Marks Garage in Honolulu’s historic Chinatown district.

Andre Sil and Lucia Sil
Andre Sil and Lucia Sil during opening night at The Arts In Marx’s garage.

“This exhibition is an exciting moment for us Hawaii Sea Grant to share with our communities. Here, visitors will have an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the amazing fusion of art and science, as artists from Hawaii Beth Lenz said, Hawaii Sea Grant Assistant Director for Diversity and Community Engagement who organized and sponsored the exhibit. “This exhibition is a rich celebration of diverse viewpoints and united by our collective love of the natural world.”

The exhibition is open to the public until November 24, Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 evening. Every Monday (November 13 and 20), the Expo will host the Science by Sea Symposium Series at Arts In Marx’s garage from 6 to 7 evening., And Hawaii Sea Grant-funded graduate fellows will share their research.

Lily Rademacher
Lily Rademacher is one of the artists featured in the exhibition.

The artwork honors the deep connection to HawaiiThe environment and its natural resources showcases the unique perspectives of artists through many different media, a few of which will be on display for sale at the event. A portion of the proceeds will go to Oh A foundation to help those affected in Maui.

The exhibition will include more than 60 pieces of art, such as oil paintings that highlight microscopic images of coral reef organisms; Sculptures depicting mountains to sea using reused materials discarded from scientific research; Drawings of marine mammals sleeping vertically in the water column; Glow-in-the-dark ceramic and glass abstract sculptures inspired by coral reefs and the myriad connections between coral reefs and marine life; And much more.

On the closing night, November 24, the film will be screened sea ​​sound He smiles To watch the Marine Mammals episode and story dialogue with the creators and students of the Marine Mammals Intensive Summer Learning Experience for Hawaii High school students.

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