Are there any casualties? What caused the accident? – First post

Are there any casualties?  What caused the accident?  – First post

A container ship rests on the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, as seen from Pasadena. The ship collided with the main bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, causing it to collapse within seconds. AP

It is a tragic Tuesday in Baltimore, USA. In the early hours of this morning, a major bridge – the Francis Scott Key Bridge – in the American city collapsed in the Patapsco River after a container ship collided with it.

The bridge broke and fell into the freezing river water around 1:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) along with vehicles and people. An extensive search operation is underway.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore declared a state of emergency early Tuesday.

What happened in Baltimore?

In the early hours of Tuesday, the Singapore-flagged container ship Daly collided with a concrete pier supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Within seconds, almost the entire bridge collapsed, plunging several vehicles and people into what officials said was about 50 feet of freezing water underneath, according to a report from the World Health Organization. Associated Press (AFP).

The video shows the moment the bridge fell into the water. CNN Analysis shows the ship’s lights flashed and it veered off course before hitting the bridge.

Are there victims?

The search is still ongoing for at least seven people, but the Baltimore fire chief said the number of missing people may change.

Some reports indicate that up to 20 people fell into the river.

Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said two people have been rescued from the water so far. One of them was not injured, but the other was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital.

Michael Schwartzberg, a spokesman for the University of Maryland Medical Center, said: CNN“The R. Adams Cowley Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center has received one patient from this incident. They are still in the process of triage/evaluation.”

The lights of multiple vehicles on the bridge can be seen in CCTV footage seconds before the collapse. Maryland officials said some contractors were working on the bridge at the time.

Wallace said sonar found submerged vehicles, but he could not determine how many. According to Baltimore officials, at least seven vehicles fell into the water

Daly’s managers, Synergy Marine Group, said no crew members, including its pilots, were hurt.

Parts of the Francis Scott Key Bridge remain standing after a container ship collided with one of the bridge’s supports in Baltimore. Rescuers are searching for several people in the water. WJLA via AP

What do we know about rescue operations?

A search and rescue operation is currently underway involving divers, boats, aircraft, and advanced sonar and infrared equipment.

Wallace said that authorities are carrying out search and rescue operations using sonar, infrared and drone technologies. “It is an active search and rescue situation,” the fire chief said.

Experts say water temperatures in the river could pose a danger to people. Water temperatures in Baltimore Harbor near the site of the bridge collapse are currently reported to be between 46 and 48 degrees F (7.8 to 8.9 degrees C). This is dangerous for people immersed in it who are “unprepared for what might happen.” Sudden exposure can affect your body and mind, according to the National Weather Service’s Cold Water Safety website CNN.

With sunrise, diving operations began. The water is reportedly choppy, which will make the rescuer’s job more difficult BBC.

What caused the accident?

We don’t know yet although officials have repeatedly said there is “no indication” of terrorism AP.

CCTV footage shows the ship going dark twice in the previous minutes, which may indicate a power outage on board. Marine Synergy Puppy

The Daly reportedly veered off course and collided with the bridge. WJLA via AP

A father said the cause “has not yet been determined.”

US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Tuesday that there were “no indications” that the collision was an intentional act. “We are closely monitoring the tragic situation unfolding as a result of a container ship colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Our thoughts are with the families of the missing and injured,” Mayorkas wrote on social media.

An unclassified memo from the government agency CISA, the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, confirmed that the ship “lost propulsion” and collided with a “bridge support tower,” according to the Guardian. BBC.

Maryland Governor Moore said the ship was moving toward the bridge “very quickly.” He added that the crew issued an emergency “mayday” signal, but it appeared that the ship’s speed was too fast for the accident to be avoided. BBC.

However, he said the distress call ensured that more cars were prevented from crossing the bridge, averting a bigger disaster. “These people are heroes,” he added. “They saved lives last night.”

Some experts noted that the bridge’s main support structures may not have been properly protected to withstand a collision with such a large ship.

Professor Toby Mottram, a structural engineer at the University of Warwick, said: “The momentum of this huge cargo ship, especially when loaded with cargo, would have been significant upon impact.”

“It is clear that the sidewalk could not withstand the energy of the collision…” He added that the extent of the damage to the bridge’s superstructure appears to be disproportionate to the cause, and this is a matter that requires future investigation.

What do we know about the ship in question?

The Danish company’s website showed that the Dali was scheduled to sail on the shipping company Maersk’s route to Sri Lanka.

The registered owner of the Singapore-flagged vessel is Grace Ocean Pte Ltd and the manager is Synergy Marine Group, LSEG data show. The ship is 948 feet (289 meters) long and was packed with containers, according to reports Reuters.

Port authorities confirmed that the cargo ship Daly was involved in an “accident” in the port of Antwerp in Belgium in 2016. AP.

A collapsed span of the Francis Scott Key Bridge falls into the water, as seen from Pasadena. The bridge carries 11.3 million vehicles annually. AP

What do we know about the bridge that collapsed?

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is a four-lane structure located 185 feet above the river. It opened in 1977 and crosses the Patapsco River, where US national anthem author Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1814 after witnessing the British defeat at the Battle of Baltimore and the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, reports said. Reuters.

The bridge carries 11.3 million vehicles annually, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority, on the I-695 interstate that circles Baltimore, also known as the Baltimore Beltway.

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